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In the summer in apartments uljanovtsev not hot water

It seems that uljanovtsam again it will be necessary to remember old, kind times when with approach of summer in cranes hot water came to an end. That such turn of events is possible, one of these days have declared power.

- Now the situation is worse, than last years, - the director of branch of Open Society VoTgK " has explained; Territorial administration on a heat supply in Ulyanovsk Alexander Simanovsky.

the Problem is not new. A number of consumers have run into debt energetikam the solid sum for heat, and do not hurry to pay off. That at a city can from - for it to arise problems with maintenance   hot water Alexander Aleksandrovich has started to speak to the city authorities in the beginning of December 2007 - ogo. However nobody has reacted to it. Meanwhile, has come it is time to prepare for the next cold season. On all about all it is required more than 350 million roubles. If here to add on works on upgrade, the sum will increase twice.  

In the mayoralty to us have explained that the city is going to take the credit to pay off with energetikami. And GVS, meanwhile, have already started to disconnect. For example, in the New city. It has appeared that GVS representatives of Management companies from - that the cold season has ended have disconnected and it was necessary to pass to the so-called deadlock scheme. As a result - hot water in cranes of some apartments from hot became hardly warm. That people did not complain of poor-quality service, have decided to block simply GVS. At energetikov in this respect the opinion. They submit water of appropriate quality, but the thermal power station design - 2 is that that the consumer receives its colder, than on an exit. To solve a question it would be possible by means of building of thermal point which would provide due circulation. However, and officials and kommunalshchiki openly do not speak about it. Power consider that it is necessary to create uniform warmly - transport company to debug accurate system of work as a whole.