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In hospitals preparations for a narcosis have ended?

for carrying out of operations under the general narcosis and resuscitations of heavy patients in the Russian hospitals do not suffice preparations. On it have informed all domestic TV channels. - Kirov has decided to check up, the situation in a city is how much critical.

- Atropine now is not present across all Russia, - has told the chief of pharmaceutical department of Department of public health services     cities of Kirov of Galina NEUSTROYEV. - have some time ago stopped manufacture of a substance of this medicine. Since 2007 and till now the register on manufacture of the given preparation is absent. Atropine will start to arrive only in December.

It turns out till the end of the year local anaesthesiologists should pull on the remained stocks? And how to be to patients to whom operation is necessary?

- While the problem connected with shortage of atropine, we have not felt, - the head physician of the Kirov regional hospital Vladimir BITJAEV has calmed us. - Work at us goes in a normal regular mode. Operations it is refused to nobody.

At the Kirov station First aid speak - to panic early. Atropine, here are supplied well, till the end of the year will suffice. The matter is that in fast this medicine use not so more often, as in surgical branches. Atropine apply, only at a poisoning with strongly operating preparations and warm illnesses.

Now physicians actively search for alternative suddenly gone to a medicine, and kirovchanam it is necessary only - to hope one on perhaps will carry by .


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Atropine apply atropine before a narcosis and during operations to improvement of a rhythm of palpitation. And also as a strong antipillbox (antidote) at poisonings.