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The four-year Krasnodar kid hardly has not blown up pjatietazhku

an Alarm arranged one of these days with Nikitkoj Klimenovym, tenants pjatietazhki along the street Stavropol hardly will soon forget. And as such to forget, when it was necessary to run out from the house at this time of night almost in what mother has given birth.

- In the beginning the tenth someone has loudly knocked at a door, I open, and there all in a smoke, neighbours shout: Leave! - Lydia Arhipovna Busygin from the second apartment remembers.
firemen ran on an entrance and all hurried: Faster, faster! Gas can blow up! Do not forget documents!

Here that remains from apartment from - for tricks of the boy - the mischievous person.
a photo: Inna ZHURAVEL

the Panic stood the terrible. The aunt of the Lead, having thrown with a dressing gown and having taken the passport, has rushed on street - has in a hurry put shoes on in different slippers. It still that: someone in a court yard shifted from one foot to the other since night on a foot barefoot.

Blazed next to it   apartment - 1.

- I for work have nothing to go tomorrow, as to spite all washed and has hung out to dry, - the fellow from apartment above pogoreltsev sighed, looking at the blazing linen hanging on a rope.

- And me have deduced, I do not leave, - keeping for kostylik, tells Alexander Ivanovna Panchenko.

Has made all this porridge four-year Nikitka. That evening to his parents - Oksana and Alexey - visitors have come, all sat on kitchen. According to Oksana, the little son played to a room one. Has found a lighter, podpalil the sofa, and itself has hidden. When adults have seen that the furniture blazes, have begun to extinguish a fire. Only have then called help. But was already late, fire has gone for a walk on all apartment. Now the turned black windows without glasses terribly gape.

- And after all Oksana only metalloplastikovye has inserted recently, - neighbours speak.   - There were they without a thing - in what were, in that and have run out. Now at the mother-in-law sit...

It is good that gas has not blown up, and that all tenants would suffer, - without hiding stirring, Tkachenko`s Lily from the fourth apartment speaks. - and the kid by miracle remained is live. Already the second time it gets to history. In 2006 in a kindergarten any solvent has taken - all gullet to itself has singed. Long in hospital lay. And here now again - such state of emergency. And my daughters only have started to come to themselves. Senior Vick, having inhaled a smoke, a second day suffers from a headache. Many in the house have poisoned.

In the Ministry of Emergency Measures on edge consider that children now have absolutely got out of hand, fearlessly play with fire. It is necessary to do something. As - that to explain in kindergartens, at schools, houses, eventually, that pranks with matches and lighters can end is rather sad.   and to explain to a thicket, than it occurs now.


in a village Kanevsky was lost on January, 3rd the three-year girl. The grandmother has left its one. When has returned - the house blazed. The woman began to extinguish fire, but was late. Fast its visors with burns. The version of state of emergency - prank with fire.

on January, 15th in settlement Pervomaisk of Kushchevsky area the boy of three years was lost. Single mother has gone for work,   without having switched off the electrodevice.

on March, 4th this year in a village Dinsky the boy of four years and the girl   were lost; three - its cousin.   in the morning, having left grandsons of one, the grandmother has led the senior in a kindergarten. Has returned - a fire. Kids have died on the way to hospital. The version of state of emergency - game with matches.

on March, 9th, 2008 in Yeysk was lost 12 - the summer boy, the disabled from childhood. Its grandmother and the younger brother had time to escape at a fire. The reason - a faulty oven.              


At least five minutes every week tell with the child about in what can result game with matches, and the tragedy in your family will not occur.

experts of the centres of propagation and public relations can give to parents Consultations:

8(861) 262 - 26 - 11 - in Krasnodar, World street, 56. The chief - Voronina Svetlana Anatolevna;

8(86133) 5 - 62 - 81 - in Anapa, street Astrakhan, 74. The chief - Burnajkina Lyudmila Ivanovna;

8(86167) 9 - 14 - 01, 91 - 1 - 01 - in Tuapse, settlement New Mihajlovsky, VDTS the Eaglet . The chief - Novikova Natalia Ivanovna.


1070 fires have occurred for three months of this year;
130 persons were lost for this period, from them 5 children;
78 persons - have suffered, from them 6 children;
75 children were lost for last five years.

there is an OPINION

Has shown to a daughter that does fire

- I know that the apartment can burn out for 10 - 15 minutes, and even faster - at oxygen access, and I know, how it is terrible, - Evgenie JALANSKY, the assistant to the Main state inspector of Krasnodar on pozhnadzoru speaks. - When to my daughter was as early as three years, I took it with myself on a fire. Also has shown to it that happens if to play with matches. It has remembered it. I think that such example is always more effective. Though to talk to children at schools, in kindergartens it is necessary. And the more often, the better. But now, unfortunately, all study under different programs - at someone OBZH from the first class, at someone with 4 - go.  

but all - taki frequently the fire arises in unsuccessful families.   here the problem of divisionals to take such families under the control.