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That undergraduates advise in Saratov to first-year students

has asked old men to make the recommendations youth
Students of older years have shared with us advice which will help to facilitate life to first-year students.
advice from the student of a course of Institute of philology and Olga Kozinoj`s journalism
do not quarrel with the supervisor of studies - it should replace to you the father, mum and the grandmother, together taken. Remember, quality of your thesis depends on it.
respect seniors! Give way to older years in a dining room, pass at an input forward. Probably, they will pay back you for it with old abstracts and lectures, which,   undoubtedly, will be useful to you further.
always be interested at the senior companions who study on the same speciality, about teachers. They to you can tell, on what subjects it is possible and not to go, and on what your presence is obligatory. Before session enquire at undergraduates about at whom it is possible to write off and where it is better to learn. Specify under the schedule who from your colleagues hands over this or that subject before you, and safely come on their examination or offset - chance to receive crib on question necessary to you increases. Besides you will be the direct witness of all events interesting you.
actively participate in student`s life and celebratory actions. It, undoubtedly, to you zachtetsja. If you take part in concerts and especially there cause a stir, can become a university star. And if you win in any competition then on you the every possible blessings will fall down: of you will be proud, about you can print in the student`s newspaper or on the Internet - a high school site.
In a dining room it is possible not only to have dinner, but also to learn lectures, to chat with friends and to learn the latest news.
it is possible that during examinations teachers will remember your exploits and awards and not so will strictly drive you. But be not overzealous: creative activity and participation in every possible concerts, festivals and competitions can affect study. In all observe a measure.
participation in scientific conferences is especially greeted by teachers. Here you can make not only unique opening in different areas of a science (that, of course, is improbable if you were not born Einstein), but you have an excellent occasion poumnichat. Undoubtedly that after that teachers will concern you with the big respect and love.
advice from the student of a course of Institute of philology and Oksana Pjatinoj`s journalism:
On physical culture it is necessary to go, but if you from it since the childhood toshnit, that is the pair of methods that it to avoid, well or at least to appear not at full speed. Remember school days: how you otmazyvalis from hated to you of a lesson? Certainly, the first that occurs, - potuplennyj the sight, a guilty kind and most that on is a standard phrase: the Form has forgotten . On the first time such an excuse passes. Further it is necessary to be converted besides to memoirs. That you have released from physical culture, the corresponding inquiry that you all such poor, unfortunate and sick is necessary. Therefore properly think and remember all sores, probably, that which and will relieve you of a hated subject will emerge. Or at least will reduce loading. There is one more way which owners of actor`s talent can use. We will admit, the physical culture only has begun, and as it usually happens, you need to run some kilometres as warm-up.
If you will play for a high school national team receive an additional bonus on physical culture.
you slowly, small short steps begin run. Where - that on the second circle you catch at a side and represent on the person of travail. Usually in this case the teacher sends the student in a first-aid post behind the inquiry. In a first-aid post any Valentina Petrovna who by heart knows all sores of students usually sits. If to be polite and polite, she will necessarily take pity and will give you the necessary inquiry. Thus you owe to it is oath to promise that in the near future necessarily will go to the doctor and find out the indisposition reason.
by the way, is also such variant: you choose any sport in which though it is sensitive can to succeed, and start to play for a university national team. Believe, it zachtetsja to you!
advice from the student of a correspondence education department of Institute of philology and journalism SGU Aleksandry Gorbatovoj:
If you live not on apartment, and in a student`s hostel the main thing that you should make already after arrival, is to make friends with the watchman and the commandant! Remember that all your further life depends on them in a hostel. After all if you do not come into with them contact your favourite friends and visitors can to you and not start up, and if you where - nibud are late and will not be in time to hostel closing you should spend the night in the street.
Further it is necessary for you to plan a place dispositions in audience. The best places for the present students - last numbers. Believe, time there proceeds imperceptibly! As many students, " speak; on Kamchatka absolutely other life. Than it is possible to occupy itself during pair time:
to Listen to music, but it is not too loud.
sit modestly and silently, honour a detective, solve a crossword puzzle, plunge into memoirs on events of the last night.
it is possible to look through lectures on other subject or to write off kursovichok . Well and if to you it became absolutely boring, you can even have a sleep, but warn neighbours that they have pushed you, in a case if will strongly snore.
if you want to gain the confidence of teachers it is better to change from last school desk on the first rows. Then the chance to pass examination (at least on firm troechku) increases. Sitting on first two numbers, you should with shchenjachej pre -
a reality to look to the teacher of an eye, to do the serious and thoughtful person, to let to it know that
the material is extremely interesting to you. And if after the termination of lecture you bombard with its questions you will have a chance to receive not only a firm three, but also, probably, even the four.
if you want to pass examination, knowing nothing to come into contact to the teacher to you it is necessary. In the semestre beginning approach to the teacher, be presented: I such - that, such - that, from group such - that tell terrible bajku, what you occupied the person, what at you the small grant and how much money is necessary not to starve to death. And here also inflation! Work takes away from you a heap of time, and, understanding necessity to graduate (after all even loaders are required now with the higher, not to mention yard keepers and ashmen), you simply break up between institute and work. It is then oath promise whenever possible to go on all lectures and ask the teacher to recommend you any literature.
in the nearest numbers read continuation of advice, from which you learn, where it is possible to find the adherents on a hobby and hobbies where to be converted if you have wanted to make something useful to the high school, and receive all vital phone numbers for students.