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In Rome have detained the Rostov smuggler

This history has begun still on November, 15th, 2000.

-   At customs inspection of luggage of flight Rostov-on-Don - Tel - Abib has been found out in one of passengers a unique collection of cultural values: medals, orders, stamps, badges, ancient books and cigarette cases, - tells   a press - the secretary of southern operative customs Elena Artishcheva, - All collection fell under action   law item 9   About export and import of cultural values that is   export of the given cultural values for territory of the Russian Federation is forbidden. Moreover, according to the expert opinion, not declared goods, are a rare collection which should be exposed as a museum piece, and have huge cultural and historical value.

In December of the same year concerning the detained Rostov smuggler have filed criminal charges, however rostovchanin has decided not to wait the terminations of investigation and has left to Israel. Employees southern operative   customs through the Interpol has put the Rostov smuggler on the international wanted list. Within seven years customs officers directed inquiries to the various countries of the world for the purpose of search of the criminal. The operative information arriving from various sources concerning the given person and its location was periodically fulfilled.

As it has appeared - not napravsno. On April, 14th this year tamozheniki celebrated victory -   from the airport   Rome by the Italian competent bodies to Moscow has been delivered   the run away Rostov smuggler.

For today the criminal is in one of a pre-trial detention centre of Moscow. The investigation is carried on, - add in a press - service JUOT.