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In Nizhni Novgorod the society of fighters with impassability

the angered motorists has opened Yesterday left with posters on a public road.
for the action drivers chose a place some days, and Golubeva that in Leninsk area have stopped in the street.

- the majority of the interrogated automobile owners have specified in this street, - they speak, is the most abomination road to our city. It is so much holes and potholes, perhaps, is not present anywhere in Bottom more.

motorists are assured that if to repair road on Golubeva on Lenin`s prospectus of stoppers would become much less.

- Here only our officials do not hurry up to carry out here major repairs, - young men make a helpless gesture. - here also it was necessary to leave on road with posters - to throw a call to the colleagues on a wheel, in common to start to struggle with impassability.
young men with posters quickly have found supporters. Drivers driving by jumped out from the cars to support active workers. For two hours active workers have accepted in driver`s trade union one hundred nizhegorodtsev.

- We have prepared the reference to city officials, with the requirement to carry out major repairs in the street Golubeva, - bring the first results active workers. - Yes we and to leave already ready to repair road. To us only a special equipment would allocate, yes materials have brought up.