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Caucasus Ulyanovsk to Volga and has not obeyed

Despite the made efforts, our command has played.
a photo: Yaroslav EVDOKIMOVA

After Vladikavkaz Alanii and Pyatigorsk Mashuka Volga in the championship of Russia among commands of the first battalion has beaten also Makhachkala Anzhi . The club from capital of Dagestan has prevailed against uljanovtsev on the home field with the bill 2:1.

the Game which was passing at the central stadium of a city, has collected about eight thousand fans of football. For players Volga It was rather impressive spectator audience, and here for local football players it rather an average index. There were times, when on matches Anzhi gathered and on twenty thousand fans.

Game has begun in quiet rate, minutes five both commands were very cautious, as if looked narrowly to each other. Gradually of the initiative owners, but a gross error of a defensive line " have taken hold; Anzhi has led to that on 12 - j volzhanam was possible to open to minute the bill. After a canopy in penal the defender mahachkalintsev Abramidze has decided to pass a ball to the goalkeeper, and that could not fix a ball in hands. Appeared in time on dobivanie the halfback Volga Zahlestin the chance has not missed - 1:0.

Having moved in the bill, uljanovtsy all command have left in deaf defence and were long enough protected almost unmistakably. Owners could create the first real scoring chance only on 38 - j to minute: Ashvetija has struck biting blow from limits penal, but, fortunately, the ball has flown by vpritirku with a bar. And still before the break Volga has passed a goal. The defender mahachkalintsev Mamayev has made solo pass on the left flank, then the forward " has done the aimed pass on Ashvetija, and; Anzhi from a lethal position has literally shot Ulyanovsk a framework . And the second time as our command and has at all appeared in a role catching up has hardly begun. The Dagestan command has done a goal combination with the greatest ease: ZHosan from the left flank has given a pass on Tsoraeva, that in touching has made zabros in penal on Hodzhavu which has beaten one our defender and has punched in most the nine . Even in such situation the Ulyanovsk attack continued to doze and the first shoot for goal after a break Anzhi Volga has put only on 72 - j to minute. Unfortunately, Golubovu did not have accuracy a little - the ball has flown by over a crossbeam.

- We houses - that cannot type points what to speak about guest duels, - the senior trainer " has noticed after game; Volga Victor FEDULOV. - why we play so unsuccessfully? The main reason, in my opinion, consists that in our command there is no enough of the football players, capable to reach positive results in tournament of the first battalion.

Having suffered in the championship the third defeat successively, the Ulyanovsk command has fallen in standings on the twentieth place.