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In Taganrog have detained the thief - the acrobat

Watch to militiamen of private security at the Department of Internal Affairs on the city of Taganrog to Alexander Jadrintsevu and Andrey Misikovu will be remembered on April, 16th for a long time. About nine evenings, patrolling the route, they have seen, how from an apartment house window, from the second floor, someone throws out the musical centre which has been rolled up in curtains. Militiamen have stopped and continuation began to wait. Unexpectedly on their eyes the man has literally taken off from a window.

- It has extended hands forward, and it seemed that will simply flop on the earth, - militiamen later shared impressions. - on the contrary! Directly in air has made a somersault and has landed on feet!

However, instead of an applause the acrobat has merited only handcuffs. As it was found out, 19 - the summer arrested person has appeared the room thief.

- Anywhere the idle inhabitant of Taganrog rented a room in this apartment earlier, and now has solved thus to thank Hospitable owners, having taken with itself the musical centre, - Sergey Putintsev, the employee of regional management of private security tells . - Jumps from the big height have appeared business for it habitual: the young man went in for sports many years.

Now the suspect is in IVS. Field investigators check it on participation in other, similar crimes.