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Colds will not stop invasion of pincers

From - for early spring pincers began to attack on nizhegorodtsev on two weeks before the usual. For today by entomologists of the centre of hygiene and epidemiologii Nizhni Novgorod it is fixed seventeen cases when small zhuchki stuck to people during walks and rest in woods.

- but it only those who was converted into fracture clinic behind medical aid, - has informed the correspondent - NN “ the entomologist Julia Solodova. - Actually, the pincers which have suffered from stings it is much more.

according to epidemiologists, pincers attack people in park “ Switzerland “ on Shchelokovsky farm, in Top Pecherah. Basically, krovososy hide in groves and wood landings, but there was a case when mum walked with a three-year daughter near the house, and has found out on the handle of the babe of the stuck tick in the evening.

hardly it is necessary also to animals: in veterinary clinics Bottom - turns. Only yesterday in clinic of Autofactory area people have brought ten sick dogs of different age and breeds. Many of dogs could not go any more, fainted. The diagnosis at all one - piroplazmoz.

- Disease very heavy, is passed through a sting of the tick, - speaks vetvrach - the radiologist Lyudmila Litovets. - Piroplazma gets to blood of an animal and begins its destruction. If not to render in time medical aid, the animal dies.
the come cold snap as entomologists speak, hardly will weaken an impact of pincers.

- the tick is afraid only of minus temperature, - Julia Solodova speaks. - And at a clear bottom, without a wind moves very much sporo, it is hungry, all day long searches the future victims.

How to be saved from pincers

to People

*Перед by an exit in wood or on walk it is necessary to put on headdresses or kerchiefs, to close open sites of a neck, hands.

*По returning home necessarily examine each other on a subject prisasyvanija ticks. Have found out krovososa - go to fracture clinic, there you will relieve from not desired “ the fellow traveller “. If there are skills, can remove zhuchka from a body, but necessarily bring it in laboratory of especially dangerous infections to the address: Nizhni Novgorod, street Turgeneva, 1, an entry by the yard. The tick can be a carrier of dangerous infections which transform the healthy person into the invalid.

*В shops and drugstores now offer repellents against flying krovososov. One nuance: in the instruction on application should be specified that the given ointment operates in the relation of pincers.

the Animal

*Осматривать the pupil after its each walk - business tiresome enough. Doctors suggest to watch closely its health and at disease first signs immediately to carry a dog to the veterinary surgeon.
*Если the animal becomes languid, does not want to go on street and refuses meal is a signal!
*Заподозрили wrong - measure temperature to the doggie: in the first days of disease piroplazmozom the temperature jumps up to 40 degrees and above.