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New ice palace for the Tractor erect at night

to keep up by September, builders work all day and night.

to have time to start by September new hockey arena, builders work all day and night. In February the Ice palace 200 workers, in March - already erected 300 persons. The semicircular contour of a palace now is distinctly looked through, towering over apartment houses.

- we Finish works on pouring of monolithic designs, - the construction superintendent of building Anatoly Vereshchuk speaks. - In parallel we spread partitions, external walls. In the middle of April we will already do a roof. The schedule we do not lag behind. In September we will start arena!

In March of last year the governor of the region and the head of Chelyabinsk have put in the centre of the future platform a capsule with the message to descendants. The hillock in the centre stuck out almost year. Today it have levelled with the earth - builders have started to concrete a basis for hockey court.

Readers offer the variants of the name of the Ice palace:

- the Krasnopolsky ice palace (under the territory name where it is located) - Ahnaf Shavaliev.
- the Bend Star the Blizzard - Galina Konsheva.
- Bear ( the Command at us bear party and the president too bears and wood nearby ) - Anatoly Zaljalov.
- Victoria ( What name will be, so the command and will play! ) - Paul Glazkov.