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All think that it is Dima Bilan!

20 - summer krasnodarets Boris Altgauzen - nature strong and picturesque. Has wanted to play in 16 years a guitar and has learnt! And after all then he even did not know notes. All did not believe that it is possible. And he was engaged with the neighbour`s fellow on neskolku hours per day. Fingers broke in blood, but did not surrender.

Now Boris even gives the concerts - he very well plays a guitar.
as - that there was a case when the girl in the street has run up, - behind the autograph.

- Dima, Dima, undersign! - she asked.
- yes I not Dima, - was surprised Boris.
- yes? Well also that, all the same undersign, you so are similar to it!

Since then to the fellow from Krasnodar   already hundred times said that he is the poured out Bilan. It and not against such similarity. Dima to it it is nice, and in something Boris even imitates it. It is not excluded, as our fellow will manage to achieve popularity. With such - that will power.

And still it has one unique property - he can expect the future.