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Let`s help children!

we continue to print stories of children which means for treatment or medicines are required. Your help for many becomes unique chance of recover. Thanks to our readers one children managed to pay expensive procedures in Moscow, others to send in sanatorium. Today at us again good news: three-year Arinochke (we have told its history in for March, 17th, see also on a site), suffering affliction a diabetes, our reader has bought so necessary insulinovuju a pomp.

you can send The letters and a photo of children to the address: 350020, Krasnodar,   and/ I 5163, - Kuban with a mark the Reader, help the reader or on e - a mail: sabina@kpkuban. net (also do not forget to put a x-copy of the medical certificates confirming necessity of treatment).


one-year-old Nikita sharp lejkoz

- At our kid does not have childhood, - write close Nikitki of Sokolov. - he cannot live in the favourite house, it is deprived heat of house walls, walks with mum, there are no days off when all family of the house, is not present friends. It has only heavy everyday life with droppers - infuzorami, lasting many hours and painfull procedures and constant crying. So Nikitka to whom only year and month, has lived the most part of the life.

All has begun, when to the child there were no also three months. A planned inoculation, two-month abiding in hospital   At and not established diagnosis and, at last, - gematologicheskoe branch. And then the terrible diagnosis: sharp lejkoz.   the Diagnosis got, the kid was born the healthy... Now his life is painted for 103 weeks forward.

Nikita`s Mum a vein with it in hospital half a year. Now it do not start up in branch. It is pregnant, and steams himiopreparatov are dangerous to it yet not born child. Under heart it carries the future brother Nikita. When he will be born, life of the big brother can change - to Nikita will make change of deckman cages which will give hope of recover. Small Nikita wants to live. He wants to run and jump, wants to play and dream. It has started to go in 9 months on hospital chamber. But after the next puncture and a narcosis a smog not of it do any more. After months he has again learnt to go. And so each time anew.

the Sum which is necessary for this kid, to present measures absolutely small - all 50 thousand roubles, but all financial possibilities of this family are already settled. Not indifferent people to another`s misfortune can help only. On them all hope...

you can contact Nikita Sokolova`s relatives by phone:
  8 - 918 - 36 - 36 - 303.

to Transfer money to the bill:
KROO the Second mum
OGRN 1052335006855
an INN/ a check point 2312118361/ 231201001
r/ with 40703810500440002776
the Krasnodar branch of Open Society Bank of Moscow
To/ With 30101810300000000978 BIK 040349978
with an obligatory mark For Nikita Sokolova
or to translate means for Yandex -

Anja practically has spent year a purse in hospital


the Terrible diagnosis   - sharp limfoblastnyj lejkoz - have put to the girl exactly one year ago, in April 2007 - go. Since then almost she spends all time in hospital. To the child have appointed 10 blocks of chemotherapy, with week breaks. Now Anja passes the first course, its status has considerably worsened, say that first three courses usually the heaviest. The child does not have appetite. Doctors say that as soon as it will be possible to stabilise a situation, operation on a bone marrow transplantation will be necessary.
this operation uneasy and very expensive. In Israel where experience of carrying out of such procedures is more, to parents give the big guarantee on happy end, than in the Moscow clinic. But, where parents of Anju have carried, they also should take with themselves the big brother and younger sister of the girl to define, a leah there can be they donors.

Operation can already be necessary very soon, there is it of more 10 thousand euro. The part of means for it was allocated with the enterprise where father Ani works, but it is not enough of them even for a trip to Moscow, about operation in Israel and speech is not present. Parents will be very grateful for any rendered help.

Phone of father Ani, Vladimir Petrenko, - 8 - 916 - 539 - 21 - 46.

Requisites: Crimean OSB 1850
JUGO - the WESTERN BANK SB Rfg. Rostov - ON - Don
To/ With 30101810600000000602
BIK 046015602 INN 7707083893
a check point - 233702001
R/ With 47422810630289900001
the Bill: 42307. 810. 3. 3028. 3015228
Petrenko Vladimir Vasilevich
Yandex - money 41001223936613