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As saratovchanka grew thin on Angelina Jolie method

the Sun shines, birdies sing, on the TV even more often show means for epiljatsii, and in shops have already hung out a new collection of bathing suits. In general, the summer comes definitively and irrevocably. Therefore when one week ago I could not get into favourite jeans felt the behemoth. The weight remained former - 56 - 57 kgs, depending on quantity eaten. And here to be clasped trousers refused flatly. And then for the first time in life I have decided to go on a diet. What? In reply to my inquiry the World Wide Web has given out some thousand variants.
- if to grow thin, on - star, - I have solved. Among nominal diets most of all I was interested by those thanks to which Angelina Jolie supports itself in the excellent form. Two days it is necessary is nothing but only to drink a special dietary drink. However, the recipe has appeared strange enough: One and a half litre of mineral still water, juice of eight lemons, 20 grammes of honey and a teaspoon of red pepper. But, if to believe responses of those who a miracle - the elixir has already tested this, for two days some have lost to 6 - 7 kgs.
- two - that day I will precisely sustain, - I have counted and, hardly doterpev till the end of the working day, have gone to buy all necessary.
day the first
So, today I begin new life in which the whole two days will not be salatikov from a supermarket, cakes and hamburgers from the next stall. That is on a broader scale will be nothing, except mine a miracle - a drink.
- in lemons it is a lot of vitamin C, in honey - microcells, and pepper accelerates a metabolism, - authors of a dietary site explained such strange structure.
it is fine, we will take a word. Here only from sympathy for own stomach I have decided to reduce quantity of lemons from eight to five. House juice extractors have not appeared, therefore it was necessary to prepare a cocktail manually. Half an hour of crucifyings, delay for work and reprimand from the heads, but I all - taki have prepared IT. The superdrink has appeared muck utter. However there was no place to recede already - my experiment was watched steadfastly by colleagues.

Angelina Jolie

First half of day has passed rather easy. Is it would not be desirable, and attempts expected from employees to lead me astray it was not observed. The unique problem consisted that from - for pepper it was very difficult to drink this mix - in some hours I reminded the doggie from a children`s animated cartoon which has decided to try mustard. The organism has started to be indignant, when all colleagues have left to have dinner, - very much it wanted to eat. Calming itself in thought that already tomorrow, along toward evening, I will become just as Angelina Jolie, have poured to myself the next cup of a drink.
in an hour of the colleague have returned after a dinner - from them smelt as meal.
- will suffice to go mad, - I have firmly told to myself and have drunk still half-cups. The organism has begged for mercy, demanding to eat though something. Looking at my sad physiognomy, little girls have tried to dissuade - a pier, it not the present diet, and simply day of limited intake of food, and it is not necessary so to suffer.
I have held on almost see you in the evening, having managed to pour in in myself exactly two third put. Has not got any more. When from a smell of lemons has started to stir up, I have surrendered and have spent remained some hours to a dream on green tea without sugar. It as subsequently it has appeared, it was possible to drink, only not so it is a lot of.
Day of the second
I Have woken up from a meal smell - the husband made a breakfast: to itself - an omelette, a daughter - porridge. I abhor porridge. But during that moment I was ready to exchange all chocolate pies of the world for a plate with this kleeobraznoj in weight. While daughter Marusja picked out slices of fruit, spouses from porridge, looking at my hungry physiognomy, with a malicious grin ate up the piece which has remained from the best times of a fruitcake.
- here it is thy breakfast, a dinner and a supper, - has bitten blagovernyj, spreading on a table two grapefruits bought in the evening, three oranges and a lemon. Remembering yesterday`s failure, I have decided to diversify structure of the poison some.
then there was still half an hour sokovyzhimanija, but they of that cost. The drink has turned out very much even tasty. Having decided that all will be good, I have gone for work. There - that also waited for me already the second test for this day. Favourite employees have decided to check up me on durability - on a table in front of the computer the pie lay. Ordinary such pie, with cabbage and the fish, cut on slices.
- the diet Here will end - and I will quickly eat all it!
a photo: Ivan TSVETKOV
And a piece of paper with an inscription: Bon appetit, Julenka! .
in general, the colleague - the torturer I have found, but to deprive of life did not become (differently to edition it would be difficult to work without the press photographer). All the others approached at this time to my table and ate a pie. But the most interesting has begun later: as it was possible to find out on a private experience, the given drink possesses a lung diuretic effect. Therefore a valuable advice all wishing to try this diet: better sit on it of the house. Not to see square eyes of employees when you already in the fourth time for last half an hour escape in strictly certain direction.
and then I will burst!
I specially was not weighed all this time - that the result was more appreciable. But here the true moment - evening of the second day has come. I rise on scales with a sinking heart - and... Hurrah! A minus of live weight of two kgs. And the main thing - a minus of five centimetres from a waist and one from a bottom. Jeans were clasped as pretty, even hardly - hardly places remains.
- Well as? I am similar to Angelina Jolie? - I try to find out at the husband.
- aha! Same thin and green, - he laughs.
and I with quiet conscience have gone to have supper. As my spouse so prepares that not is simply it is impossible. An hour later one of kgs has returned, but it is not so important. I have found out that if I suddenly urgently need to get into madly beautiful dress on the size less than mine, I will get. But a leah costs? In - the first, any thing is not necessary that from - for it to torment the organism, and in - the second if you love - that precisely not for quantity of centimetres on a waist.

Opinion of the expert
Irina Shershova, the non-staff dietician city   public health services committee:
- we have every year a set of various diets. Now people pay attention on " more often; star ways of growing thin. But on the basis all of them identical are a low caloric content plus easy diuretic and poslabljajushchy effect. At the expense of it kgs also are lost. Actually, to grow thin simply enough. It is much more difficult to keep the necessary weight. In what was engaged the correspondent - Saratov is at all a diet, and days of limited intake of food are faster. Basically, they are harmless if to arrange them not more often once a week and not to eat too much then. But is better - not to starve itself before a beach season, and to care of an organism all year long and simply to eat sbalansirovanno.

the Formula for definition of optimum weight
the Weight of a body (in kgs) needs to be divided into growth (in metres) in a square. For example. 60 kg: (1,76 m h 1,76. Indicator IMT (an index of weight of a body) As a result will turn out: less than 19 - insufficient weight, 19 - 25 - norm, 26 - 31 - excess weight, 32 - 39 - adiposity.