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On a source of the Tver river of Volga there was an enterprise

In Verhnevolzhe the official body of the Tver region (GU THAT) " is created; State natural zakaznik the Source of the river of Volga . Its director appoints Alexander Bondarenko. Founder GU THAT a river Volga Source the regional department of management as natural resources and preservations of the environment has acted. Establishment main objectives - protection and rational use of a source of Volga and a headwaters of the river to a confluence of lake Sterzh. Also zakaznik will work over restoration and maintenance at a maximum level of water security properties of natural ecosystems, preservation of their biological variety, kinds of plants and animals. Among establishment problems - preservation of objects of a cultural heritage, creation of conditions for mass rest, ecological monitoring carrying out, introduction of scientific methods of wildlife management and ecological education. Besides, carrying out lesohozjajstvennyh, zemleustroitelnyh, building, meliorative and other works will be possible now only after the coordination with zakaznikom. That the establishment has earned at the full capacity, it is necessary for it to pass a number of procedures on check in of the legal person and the Charter statement. And the development and arrangement project the Source of the river of Volga it will be submitted to by working group consideration to governor Dmitry Zelenin in January of the next year.
under the message a press - services of administration of the Tver region.