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On the Kalininsky atomic power station repair of one of power units

the Power unit 2 Kalininsky atomic power stations after end of average planned repair is finished included in a network on August, 16th, on two days before the planned date.

within 43 days forces of the repair personnel of nuclear station and contract organisations had been executed great volume of works. Among them: dismantling reaktornoj installations, a fuel overload, reactor assemblage, control of metal of the case of the reactor and intracase devices, repair turbogeneratornoj installations and many other things. Also the set of reconstructive works on the equipment and technological systems of the power unit which urged to raise stability of work of the power unit and the atomic power station as a whole has been executed.

according to chief engineer KAES of Michael Kanysheva, within 12 days the power unit will work in a mode of under control operation. During this period of time check of work of the repaired equipment on nominal parametres will be spent and the definitive estimation is given quality of the spent repair work.

will continue repair campaign on the Kalininsky atomic power station major repairs of the power unit 1 which will pass during the period from August, 30th till November, 2nd.
while in work there are all three power units of the Kalininsky atomic power station.

infringements of limits and conditions of safe operation of power units of the Kalininsky atomic power station are not present. The radiating background on the Kalininsky atomic power station and adjoining territory - at the level corresponding to normal operation of power units, also does not exceed natural background values.

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