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It is time to the majority of the Saratov trolley buses and trams on a dump

Completely has served the term   308 units of technics

in Saratov have appeared Today 15 new trolley buses. It is till the end of the year planned to get 45 more cars. During the current year the park of trolley buses will be updated on 33 %, and for 3 - the electrotransport rolling stock is planned to update 4 years completely.

Now in a city 234 tram cars and 180 trolley buses on which it is annually transported more than 100 million persons are. For last decades have completely developed   standard term of operation of 136 trolley buses and 172 trams, and it is got only 50 units of a rolling stock.
this year at the expense of enterprise means 10 tram cars are bought. Purchase of 10 more cars is till the end of the year planned.

the City administration has concluded the leasing contract on delivery of 60 trolley buses. New electrotransport will be got on the means allocated from gorbjudzheta for indemnification of losses of incomes, arising of - for regulations of tariffs for transportation of passengers.