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The yeti found in the USA has appeared a forgery

News which so the world scientific community rejoiced throughout last days, has turned back as a result deep disappointment: found in woods of the State of Georgia the corpse jeti has appeared all - navsego the suit of the gorilla which have frozen in in a piece of ice.

As we informed earlier, ostensibly in July two inhabitants of district Klejton of the State of Georgia have found out the huge humanoid covered with red wool in wood. On their eyes the being has died of wounds. According to Rika Dajera, wounds were put by two similar monsters which fought with the first with the first.

Local residents have helped hunters to take out a corpse from wood. Some hours it were in the house of godfather Rika, and then it have placed in the freezing chamber approaching on the size.

Hunters have sold a body jeti to researchers for 10 million dollars. According to information BBC, and it came to pass it seemed to one of eyewitnesses that the head of the yeti looks hollow. Then ice has melted and extremities of a being which have appeared rubber were bared.

Scientists did not exclude that hunters have simply decided to derive personal benefit from a current situation, having transformed all for fun. As initially produced evidence looked not so convincingly. Pictures of a corpse which have shown on a press - conferences, were bad quality.

Earlier hunters for jeti have given for examination samples of DNA, but one of did not belong to the person, and another for 96 percent coincided with DNA of an opossum. The opening promised by them, most likely, will not be spent.