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In an air crash in Madrid 146 persons were lost - almost all who was in the plane

Tragedy has occurred this afternoon at the Madrid airport Barahas . Passenger plane MD - 82 flights JK - 5022 companies Spanair together with Lufthansa during soar has descended with take-off - a landing strip and has lighted up. The fire has flashed, in the sky smoke clubs have risen.

the Plane went in Las - Palmas (Canary Islands). Accident has occurred in 16. 45 Moscow time. Onboard the black liner there were 173 persons - 164 passengers and 9 crewmen. Emergency services of the airport have rushed it to the aid.

the First messages from a place of tragedy did not pass air crash scale - at first the Spanish mass-media passed that only 2 persons, then 20, then 40 were lost. The list of victims of dews with each minute.

Last messages, alas, are even more sad. All were lost almost flying ill-starred flight.

this minute it is known about 146 victims. In live there were 26 persons, and all of them have got serious traumas, passes RIA News .

Till now over the Madrid airport the smoke column rises. All other flights are postponed. The airport is opened only on reception of planes.

To a tragedy place 18 cars " have come tearing along; First aid doctors have taken away wounded men in the nearest hospitals. On an air crash place rescuers, physicians and firemen work.

Company Spanair owning plane, has declared that the faulty engine could become the reason of fatal failure. But the exact reasons of state of emergency while are unknown.

Also while there is no data about, a leah there were onboard the failed liner foreign passengers.