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Italy will support Russia in confronting with the West

One more European country has supported Russia after Georgian - the Osset military conflict. Italy has spoken against idea of the international isolation of Russia, passes RIA News .

Russia - exclusively strong and important partner. Russia for us is a large supplier of power resources and, hence, in our interests easy to work avoiding its isolation - the head of the commission of defence of the Senate of the Italian Republic Dzhanpiero Kantoni who has arrived to Bruxelles on   has declared today to journalists; session of the commission of foreign affairs of EuroParliament concerning a situation in Georgia.

According to the politician, Italy will use the best efforts to avoid the international isolation of Russia.

we Will remind, earlier the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Great Britain David Millibend in interview to the London newspaper Tajms Has declared that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Britain does not support idea of the international isolation of Russia and an exception of the Russian Federation of club G8 on what draw the USA after events in South Ossetia and Georgia.

Besides, David Millibend has suggested to transform G8 in to Ten - in its opinion, in political club of superpowers for a long time it is time to accept China and India.