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The authorities of Spain have confirmed  destruction of 146 persons in an air crash

the Government of Spain has confirmed officially  destruction of 146 persons in a today`s air crash at the Madrid airport, informs RIA “ News “ referring to national radio of Spain.

In accident 26 persons have survived - all of them are hospitalised with   serious traumas.

we Will remind, today nearby 16. 45 Moscow time at plane MD - 87 flights JK - 5022 companies Spanair at the moment of a separation from a runway the left engine has lighted up. Soon the plane has failed on the earth, and the fire has flashed.

All onboard ill-fated flight which went in Las - Palmas (Canary Islands) 178 persons - 169 passengers and 9 crewmen, according to all available information, flied.

As it became known, flight has been detained on an hour. The reason is not named yet. The Spanish company Spanair which owned plane, has declared that at last annual checkup which has passed on January, 24th, 2008, liner engines were serviceable.

Rescuers already have found “ black boxes “ the burnt down liner also have passed their experts.