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Scientists are afraid that the gas pipeline in Primorski Krai will prevent leopards

One of these days the World fund of the wild nature (WWF)   has passed an opinion the remarks of the project of a gas pipeline which are going to build in an area of dwelling of thirty last Far East leopards in Primorski Krai.

- Extent of a line of a projected gas pipeline will make 843 kilometres and will cross 10 areas, three their of which - Ussuriisk, Nadezhdinsky and Hasansky primortsy name the Earth the Leopard, - is told in message WWF. - it is clear that a gas pipeline and roads are important from the economic point of view. But on the Earth the Leopard which is today the only thing and a last refuge of a Far East leopard on mother Earth to build something new it is necessary taking into account interests of the rare cat.

According to scientists, it is necessary to lay a gas pipeline in already existing infrastructural corridor as it is possible more close to the railway, without delivering   troubles krasnoknizhnomu to a kind. But in the project the line has appeared on much bigger distance from the railway and has much more departed deep into territories.

- while it is a lot of Errors, - scientists assure. - on maps the border federal zakaznika " is incorrectly designated; Barsovyj . This error has caused the following: the gas pipeline throughout 17 kilometres is projected on territory zakaznika, and proektanty have not noticed any damage and direct infringement of the legislation. The line crosses two oleneparka, being the major place of rewintering of leopards. The grouping of beasts on peninsula of Dins is cut off, the ecological corridor around settlement Majachnyj and Hasansky natural park - the unique forest plot connecting an area of a leopard in Russia and Northern Korea is cut. Again around Transportable it is offered to construct factory on szhizheniju gas and the terminal for its loading on tankers. And after all this promploshchadka settles down directly on reserve border Cedar pad .