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Russian national team has drawn with Holland

Russian national team waited on a visit for the most basic rival - Holland. orange in last European championship have lost in a quarterfinal to Guus Hiddink`s command (1:3), therefore went to Moscow exclusively behind a revenge.  

both commands have begun the Meeting very actively. It was visible that neither Dutches, nor we do not regard a duel as companionable, and all efforts are ready to direct in the field. Wards van Marvijka on the first minutes have grasped territorial advantage and tried to make the way to Igor Akinfeeva`s collars. However the sated defence of Russians played without errors, bringing all attempts of the rival to nothing.  

the First dangerous moment in a match was created by owners. Kolodin has dispersed high-speed attack, having addressed a ball on a course to Bystrovu who was ready to an exit in private with the Dutch goalkeeper Stekelenburgom. However the goalkeeper the moment saw and has played on an advancing, having beaten out a leather shell in a miss.  

we are closer to the middle of a time have strongly grasped the initiative. Very dangerous moment for two Pavljuchenko with Semshovym have thought. The novel has left from guardianship of the defender and has thrown off a ball under blow to Igor. Dinamovets could strike aim blow, but the ball has passed in centimetres from a bar.  

And further there was an unforeseen. Van der Vaart has very successfully executed the standard. The ball has found Matijsena who addressed it back under blow van to Persi in the penal. The shot of the halfback in the nine was we will not reflect - 0:1.  

After the passed ball we as if have lowered hands. In the field one command - Holland played only. Russians only thanks to skill of Akinfeeva have not passed still.  

After a break Russian national team has suddenly turned to other command. Players became similar to themselves of two-month prescription. Holland in the first 10 - 15 minutes of the second time only ohala also gasped after passes of Zhirkova, Arshavina and Bystrova. But to requite the passed ball at Russians it was impossible.  

After in the field left Torbinsky, we have got it is a little more speed which, probably, did not suffice the got a bit tired players of a basis. On 77 - j to minute Dmitry has flown in penal visitors where it has cut down van Bronkhorst. The arbitrator has immediately appointed a penalty. Zyryanov has approached to a point and has put a ball precisely in the nine of gate of Stekelenburga.  

Having evened up scores, our football players have felt a smell close victory. Game has gone on counter courses. In an ending Arshavin who very effective blow has licked a crossbeam had the most dangerous moment.    

And still last word remains for visitors. Hesseling had perfect possibility to pull out victory, but its blow from 5 metres by miracle was beaten off by Akinfeev.  

As a result, a fighting drawn game - 1:1 which has left double impression from game of our national team. As well as for euro - 2008, were the big questions to ours oborontsam. However attack which nonplused time and again players of the Dutch national team, on the contrary, has very well played.    

the Companionable match

Russia - Holland - 1:1 (0:1)

Goals: van Persi, 24 (0:1); Zyryanov, 81 - foams (1:1).

Russia: Akinfeev, Arshavin (Sparrows, 86), Semak, Janbaev, Ignashevich, Zyryanov, Kolodin, Zhirkov, Pavljuchenko (Bazhenov, 39), Semshov, Bystrov (Torbinsky, 63).

Holland: Stekelenburg, Hejtinga, Ojer, Matijsen, van Bronkhorst, van Bommel, van Persi (Afellaj, 71), de Jong, Huntelaar (Vennegor of Hesselink, 59), van der Vaart (Kajt, 59), Robben (de Zeuv, 84).