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In Rostov there was an attack on the doctor

As informs a press - service of the Don militia, one of these days about one of houses under Sholokhov`s prospectus, two unknown persons have attacked on 59 - the summer man, the surgeon of neurologic branch of one of the Rostov hospitals. Late at night the doctor came back home after operation when it was attacked by unknown persons and began to beat. Predators have taken away from the man a portfolio with surgical tools, a mobile phone and 400 roubles.

- the Victim have taken to hospital, which workers have there and then informed on an event in militia, - have told in a press - service of the Don militia . -   Field investigators of criminal investigation department of the Department of Internal Affairs on the city of Rostov managed to detain suspected of this crime within twelve hours. Two rostovchan, the brothers, to one - 21 year, and to another - 29 years have appeared them. They are the unemployed, earlier offenders.   According to arrested persons, they thought that in a small suitcase values and when have seen surgical tools have simply thrown out them lie. To the victim have returned personal things, but, unfortunately, a suitcase with its expensive contents and have not found.

Investigatory department OVD on May Day area of Rostov brings criminal case under article Armed assault .

Irina LOSS,