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Krasnoyarsk kindergartens prepare for September, first

On the threshold of September, 1st the special commissions go with inspections on kindergartens of Krasnoyarsk. They check bedrooms, game, musical, sports rooms, nutrition units, medical offices, bathrooms, and also territory adjoining to buildings.

- In a kindergarten 204 have repaired toilets, on a floor there was a new tile, in a bathroom have established flexible hoses, have repaired ladders, in groups there were new curtains, and on a playground - new arbours, - has declared a press - the secretary of Railway area of Krasnoyarsk Margarita JAHINA. - On kitchen   a garden 295 two plates and a refrigerating case have put, have repaired the ceilings, all walls and floors have painted a special fire-prevention paint. Have capitally repaired kitchen and in a kindergarten 7. Besides, here has appeared   additional group which can accept at once 20 new children under the city program Children . For this purpose in a garden have spent re-equipment and gym major repairs. Sanitary technicians and systems of external illumination have spent repair in a garden 32 in the street Kalinin, and in the smallest kindergarten of Railway area there was the new furniture, the new electric furnace and beds.