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FK « Tyumen » has divided points with « Ladoj »

on August, 20th football club Tyumen in the next house match of superiority of Russia among teams of the second battalion has drawn with Tolyatti Ladoj - 2:2.

All second time Tyumen has spent in minority, and its big part has been urged to recoup. Efforts have appeared are not vain - on 88 - j to minute Alexander Pavlov has rescued the command from not merited defeat...

the beginning has turned out more successful for owners. At first the best bombardir tournament of Mattresses has got into a crossbeam, and then in gate of visitors for game by a hand has been appointed by a penalty. From a point captain Victor Trenev to whom 29 years today were executed, - 1:0 has precisely punched. Unfortunately, to develop success it was not possible, and on 35 - j to minute of a penalty has been appointed already in Sergey Lokotaeva`s gate. the Victim Mattresses has punched in grinding in with a bar - 1:1. In the end of a time nerves have not sustained at highly experienced Konstantin Fishmana. Roughly having played against Nikolay Fedchuka and having put to the rival a trauma, sovereshnno deservedly it has been removed from a field, informs   site FK Tyumen .

In a break the trainer`s staff of owners has not spent any replacement, however and in minority tjumentsy did not try to play on deduction of the neutral bill, and operated more actively visitors and have created some the quite good moments. However efficiency of attacks Frets it has appeared above. Maxim Volkov who has left on replacement from - for limits penal has amazed gate of Lokotaeva - 2:1. Having moved in the bill, toljattintsy that is quite logical, steels to dry game, scoring chances became much less. And still in the end of a duel good luck has smiled to owners. Alexander Pavlov has responded to riding transfer and a parachute has forwarded a ball to a far corner of gate of Ruslana Shumskys - 2:2.

Siberians have typed 28 points and occupy 10 line in the table. Heads superiority Nizhniy Novgorod Volga with 52 points.

Other results 22 tours:  

    Zenith - the Unit 3:0
    the Chemist - the Ruby - 2 1:1
    Volga - Nizhni Novgorod 2:1
    Tolyatti - the Petrochemist 3:2
    the Falcon - Saratov - the UNION - Gazprom 0:0
    Gazovik - Alnas 2:2
    the Miner - Academy 6:1
    Energetik - the Dynamo 1:1