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Paris... Has remembered winter and I have decided to tell too the story

the student of medical college. Having worked in the summer as the conductor on Kiev in Moscow, has madly fallen in love with the railways and trains, therefore, when the offer has arrived to work on New Year`s vacation, has agreed without deliberating. To heat the car I has learnt for couple of days before flight, having understood, as it is heavy to work in the winter.

And here, the first flight - Moscow - Klimov called on a slang of guides Paris . Have submitted on landing. I stand on platform in kazenoj to the form - the huge size to a jacket and a cap with ear-flaps. At first sight also you will not define, who there under this jacket - the guy, the girl or babajka. From afar I notice three young men approaching to my car one of which very much was pleasant to me at first sight. Mentally was delighted that will go in my car. Have approached, submit documents and tickets, I, having corrected a cap with ear-flaps, radiantly smiling, I ask, who from them goes and with disappointment I understand that my handsome man sees off the friends... Have got acquainted, and before the departure stirred, basically, with it which are seeing off, called its Sergey. He asked me on work, about the schedule of work and train following. It seemed, as if so a long time are familiar, but... Hooter has torn off our conversation. We go. He has not asked number, and I already understood that this simply fleeting acquaintance. The train has got under way, and I stand in platform and I can not tear off a sight from the leaving Sergey. Then bessonaja working night with thoughts on that, what for people meet more never to meet. Thoughts were so stirring and interesting what to take a nap before arrival to me it was not possible.


In Paris last passengers left, I have tidied up the car, descended in Klimovsk shop and before the departure have overslept. Back went terribly not slept, moreover and landings at each station especially to a dream had no. In a word, to Moscow has arrived absolutely killed. Six mornings, passengers has let out, we stand on platform. Creeping on the car, I try to be tidied up, forces absolutely are not present, villages at a shelf and I look, how people on platform scurry about, drag bags, something shout. And here someone, covering me this picture, waves a hand and knocks on a window. Sergey! In my sleepy head the thought crawls that he, probably, meets somebody, and I in the answer nod to it and I wave a hand. It gesture shows, that I left in platform. I rise, I go, I open - it costs, smiles and asks, as has gone. And I, lowering its question, I am interested about the purpose of its visit on station in such wound. And having heard this short to you I already for a hand-rail have seized from unexpectedness.

After half an hour we sat in my compartment, drank coffee, stirred about all on light. Then cleaned the car and where - that between heaps of dirty linen he has kissed me. And I all could not believe in any way that it not a dream... A leah it is necessary to say that it was the best winter in my life: The favourite came to meet and see off each time my trains, schedules changed - Novozybkov, Kiev, Kishinev, but each time, is time-invariant days on platform the conductor the loving person waited. And, in spite of the fact that I from other city, we very much love each other, we visit, and in Moscow always vtrechaemsja at the Kiev station...

Love and be favourite! And distances are not terrible - trains will help you!

Zoe, Joshkar - Ola

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