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In Vladimir region more than 600 persons the Unfavourable statistics is considered missing persons

has sounded in the end of last week in a press - the centre « - Vladimir ». More than 600 persons in our region are considered till now as missing persons.

- However, in the last two days their number has decreased, - Evgenie Kochkin, the chief of department of the organisation of search regional UMVD has there and then made a reservation. - In 2010 of such people at us was registered more than 700.

On the statistican, the criminal reasons of loss of people happen seldom. The person for other reasons in most cases vanishes. For example, a lot of gone happens among mushroom pickers and hunters. And people aged, with chronic diseases are lost more often. Old men leave in wood without mobile phones. Therefore to search for them it is much more difficult.

- Searches could be facilitated, if people put on at a campaign in wood more brightly, - Michael Lednev, deputy chief GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Vladimir region has told. – however at us mushroom pickers like to put on a camouflage. And its time and from three metres you will not see.

Still agents of national security and rescuers complain of imperfection of our legislation.

- Unfortunately, we cannot punch by searches of people a site of the person by a mobile phone, - Michael Lednev has told. – Cellular operators can give such information only at criminal case excitation. We are converted into power structures with the request to change the legislation for such cases but while changes nothing.

agents of national security accent Separate attention on growth of number gone among minors. As has declared on a press - conferences ombudsman Gennady Prohorychev, last year in Vladimir region at various times searched for 172 children. 26 minors are not found till now.

- It is possible to abuse agents of national security for bad work, - Irina Minina, the senior assistant administrator of regional investigatory committee has told. - but it is more important to answer a question why children leave the house. You look at statistics, the basic part escaped are children from children`s homes and unsuccessful families. It is necessary to struggle with the reasons, instead of consequences!