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The head physician of maternity home of Pyatigorsk Igor Grinshpan denies hearings about the resignation

We already wrote about investigatory check in Pyatigorsk maternity home in connection with the information which has appeared on the Internet on victims because of accoucheurs 7 babies and bribes for childbirth from pregnant women (a detail here). The maternity home management initially denied fault of accoucheurs and asserted that death rate does not exceed norm. And here now in mass-media there were data that head physician Igor Grinshpan is discharged of a post ostensibly based on the results of testing.

Actually in maternity home really there passes check under messages in mass-media, and while any results confirming or denying these hearings, no. But in investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across Stavropol Territory have confirmed that have prolonged a review period with 10 till 30 days.

  - Hearings about my resignation — these are hearings, - has informed «» the head physician of maternity home Igor Grinshpan. - Anybody me did not discharge of work also any affairs was not raised — neither concerning me, nor concerning workers of maternity home. On May, 2nd and 3 there come checks from edge in the area of Ministry of Health and protection of children. The information on the declared infringements in maternity home very loud, and now maternity home constantly check. But we work, as before, in a regular mode.

As it was informed earlier, children`s death rate in maternity home of Pyatigorsk (and it, unfortunately, is in each medical institution), as a whole has appeared more low, than on edge. From 3 thousand 312 sorts it is unsuccessful have come to the end 28 – 19 deadborn. 9 more babies have died in first seven days of life.

  - Figure 19 in our case — it those children who for various reasons were born dead, - was explained by Igor Grinshpan, - Sometimes to us there came women from the North Ossetia or Ingushetia with diagnoses at which the dead fruit was born, but them could not accept in republic. The woman at us gave birth to a dead fruit, and this statistics laid down on our maternity home. Basically the reasons of pre-natal  destruction of such fruits — congenital uglinesses of children and an infection, and also a syndrome of respiratory frustration. It means that at itself in a residence the woman was not observed, was not engaged in the health, in time was not treated.

  - In 2011 doctors of Pyatigorsk maternity home have accepted 3 thousand 312 sorts. It much more, than usually. Worked with an overload because in Kislovodsk, Essentukah, Georgievsk maternity hospitals have been closed on capital repairs and all pregnant women carried to Pyatigorsk and Mineral Waters, - have confirmed in Ministry of Health of Stavropol Territory. - The majority of women at which babies were lost, during the prepatrimonial period were observed not in Pyatigorsk, and some did not consist at all on the account in female consultation

Really, from August till December, 2011 of the statistican of birth rate in Pyatigorsk maternity home has considerably jumped up. If usually in a year was born on 2 300 — 2 500 children in 2011 this figure has increased to 3 312. And at all from increase of activity of mummies, and from - that brought nonresident pregnant women to Pyatigorsk.

  - the Reasons, from - for which fruit development vnutriutrobno stopped, or there came death of the child at a birth, did not depend on work of our accoucheurs, and especially, that they demanded what that bribes, - Igor Grinshpan confirms. - Each time in each case of  destruction of the child check of Office of Public Prosecutor was spent. So it is got. Concerning work of our doctors it has been never raised any affairs.

Under the information a press - management services on gosinformpolitike the governments of Stavropol Territory, each of these cases has been carefully studied not only on medical advice at level of the establishment, but also in regional Ministry of Health.