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Nikolay Drozdova will be congratulated shaolinskie by friars and figure skaters

At Drozdova weight of ranks and regalia. He is a Dr.Sci.Biol., the professor, a member of the Russian academy of natural sciences, a member of the Russian academy of television, the gentleman of order « For merits before Fatherland » IV degrees, Friendship order. But, perhaps, the main thing - that it the most favourite TV presenter of all generations of spectators. This year he marks the 75 - letie and 50 - letie creative activity.

Despite respectable age, Nikolay Drozdov is full of strength. He gives lectures on ecology, ornithology, wildlife management, world biogeography. Constantly acts with lectures at world leading universities.

Nikolay Nikolaevich suggests to go at the concert to a trip round the world

to Congratulate jubiljara to the Kremlin the set of eminent visitors and simple admirers of its talent will come. And on a scene   together with Nikolay Nikolaevichem will act ­ Joseph Kobzon, Yury Antonov, Nikolay Baskov, Larissa Dolina, Maxim Galkin, Michael Zhvanetsky, Igor Butman, Michael Zadornov, Michael Seigniorial,   Jeanne Friske, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Lev Leshchenko, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, the Barbarian, Vitas, Alexander Buinov, Chorus Turkish. Spectators are expected by set of the surprises unusual to a pathos scene of the Kremlin palace. The Olympic champions Tatyana Navka and Roman Kostomarov will show number « Conquest of the North Pole » friars of a Shaolin will amaze with the masterly possession of a body, tremendous circus numbers prepare also some. Together with jubiljarom accompanied by a live sound of the Symphonic orchestra it. Svetlanova spectators will make travel on the countries and continents. Will dance in rhythms of the Brazilian carnival and kapoejry, to applaud skill of known Russian trainers and their wards, and also to laugh at parodies and jokes from Nikolay Nikolaevicha.  

WHERE: the State Kremlin palace, the m. item « the Aleksandrovsky garden » Street Vozdvizhenka, 1.

WHEN: on May, 17th, the beginning in 19. 00.

the Price of tickets: from 600 rbl.



On a concert in honour of Nikolay Drozdova

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