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It is more than third of places in kindergartens of Syktyvkar exempts

will occupy the New opened kindergartens in Syktyvkar could not give the necessary quantity of places for Syktyvkar children. Complaints do not cease to come to a city administration from the indignant parents that the child though stood in a queue, but and has not got to preschool centre. Today the chief of the department of preschool education of Syktyvkar Tamara Gorbunova on city planerke has explained, why some children get to kindergartens without turn:

- the special commission Considers statements from parents, it defines, who from children will get to preschool centre. It is necessary to understand that some categories of children have a right to extraordinary or prime hit in a garden. - Tamara Gorbunova has noted. - So, for example, the privilege for extraordinary hit is received by children of prosecutors, judges and military men.

Besides, there is a big category « pervoocherednikov » — they are children of liquidators of Chernobyl failure and failure on « the Beacon » children - invalids, children, at which one of parents the invalid, children of policemen, narcopolice, children from having many children and incomplete families, children of veterans of the operations, adopted, orphans, and also twins and twins.

For today in Syktyvkar such conditions places that is called can use about 900 children, on them, are reserved. In total our kindergartens can accept 3 211 kids. It turns out that there is more than third of empty seats exempts will occupy, and on all the others remains less 2,5 thousand places.

Meanwhile, for today in the automated turn 8 881 child (last year for this time 7 897, - a comment avt) is already registered. It means that the majority of the families, expecting to give the child on primary socialisation, the turn in the near future will not wait.

- Certainly, some parents having seen the list of exempts will strongly be indignant, but we are obliged to operate under the law, - Tamara Gorbunova speaks. - As usual, complaints in higher instances will follow, parents will write even to the president most likely and will be right. But, if we put « usual » the child before the exempt, any coming the commission will call us for responsibility.


the Problem with gardens as assure of administration, dares as far as possible. A new kindergarten in Bottom Chove plan to hand over in June or July, also start building of a new garden in the Orbit, nearby himiko - biological faculty SyktGu, there will convert buildings of the former gardens which are returned to education management. It is planned that in by next year in addition can open 710 places.


Parents, whose child has not got to a garden, daily advise in management of preschool education from 14 o`clock till 17 o`clock Ordzhonikidze, 22.

also it is possible to be converted to phone 24 - 30 - 15.