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« Polite refusal » will sing military couplets

in the Summer of 2008 the leader of group « Polite refusal » the Novel Suslov has started to compose a cycle of songs about war. As he said, it directly has not been connected with concrete events - songs have been more likely devoted war as to a significant element of Russian culture.

May - the most suitable time for military songs. So musicians " have solved; IN also have prepared spetsprogrammu

« What at us still is a national entertainment? - Both for fun, and Suslov in interview seriously asked. - that we still are able? »

the Part of military songs has entered into a latest album « Refusal » « Geese - swans » however new songs « a fighting orientation » continued to appear. The whole program « and so was born; Military couplets ». The concert occasion in TSDH - anniversary of a fire of Moscow of 1812 - is chosen not casually. As - « a fire of Moscow of 1812 » - the song which has left on an album « is called; Ethnic experiences » which is now republished by a label « Geometry ». The concert in TSDH becomes also presentation of this reprinting.  

WHERE: TSDH, the m. item « October » street the Crimean shaft, 9.
WHEN: on May, 19th, the beginning in 20. 00.
the Price of tickets: from 700 rbl.