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How to save children from the use nasvaja?

Nasvaj, substance for « relaxations » very popular in teenagers from - for its cheapness, it is possible to buy practically in any market of Krasnoyarsk. Natives of Central Asia trade in it basically. Nasvaj officially it is not forbidden – in it there are no narcotic substances and consequently it so easily is on sale. Nevertheless, « a semidrug » it is unequivocally harmful: in it contain tobacco, izvest, heavy metals and even excrement of animals, - but it still half-misfortunes. The most terrible that after the use nasvaja children sit down on marihuana, heroin, dezomorfin, - after all nasvaj forms tolerance to the substances calling change of consciousness.

the Most terrible that a question set to Krasnoyarsk teenagers in the street: « you will not prompt, where nearby it is possible to buy nasvaj? » - more often does not call even confusion from schoolboys. Children, basically boys, in detail tell, in what party to you will sell the wished.

the Problem is really actual for Krasnoyarsk. To discuss it, and also to think up ways of its decision, behind a round table a press - the centre « employees of the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances, the children`s policeman, the narcologist, experts from edge Ministry of Health, and also from management of city education have gathered.

- Nasvaj – unequivocally very harmful substance, - Lyudmila Haritonova, the assistant to the head physician of the Krasnoyarsk regional narcological clinic 1 speaks. – At its structure there is a tobacco. And tobacco becomes even more toxic when gets to an organism through mucous membranes. Besides, from - for other additives which are a part nasvaja, dependence on tobacco is formed much faster. Use consequences nasvaja can be the most different: From burns of a mucous membrane of a mouth, a gullet and a stomach, to ulcers and even malignant tumours in the future.

By the way, every year the statistics joyfully informs us: teenagers - addicts in a city becomes ever less. However in a case with nasvaem figures appear inveracious: we already said that this substance officially is not recognised by narcotic, accordingly, to statistics dependent on it do not get.

Sale nasvaja is especially extended in those disctricts of the city where there live many migrants from Central Asia. They have brought the culture to Russia, and our children, unfortunately, have willingly picked up it.

- With sbytchikami it is necessary to work actively and rigidly, - offers a way out Anton Kilin, deputy chief UFSKN of Russia across Krasnoyarsk region. – and also to toughen rules of entrance of foreign citizens in the country.

- But all - taki I consider, the basic work should be spent in a family of the child, - Tatyana Kondratyuk, the chief specialist of department of initial and average vocational training and education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Krasnoyarsk region picks up. – children start to use nasvaj when they do not have not enough warm human relations. In educational institutions it is necessary to enter lessons where will explain how the person can live worthy and happy life. Children need to impart love to cultural pastime. To tell, how it is possible to remove stress and to take pleasure without the aid of drugs or other harmful substances.


How to distinguish, what your child uses nasvaj?

According to the psychiatrist - expert in narcology Alexander Dygalo, parents need to pay attention to the child if:

- you catch from it a smell of a chicken dung. The teenager has sharply changed in behaviour: becomes fussy, too active, at it dream and wakefulness infringement is observed. It is necessary to pay attention to pupils. Reaction of pupils to light becomes not such as at the healthy person, they are constantly narrowed.

- it is necessary to look at eyes constantly. And to watch behaviour. The child starts to change really. For example, earlier the teenager was quiet, counterbalanced. And here suddenly becomes irritable and hyperactive.

- a green saliva. Plus to everything, many simply spit out nazhyovannye « wafers » and anywhere them do not hide.

With this dependence it is necessary to struggle, and to struggle rigidly, as well as with any drug. In - the first, the total failure from nasvaja is required. In - the second, energizers. After refusal from nasvaja as after refusal of any stimulator, at the person heavy depression, alarm, slackness, passivity develops. Here should work both psychotherapy, and the preparations eliminating a disturbing status. Also it is necessary to reorient the person on a healthy way of life.