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13 areas Brjanshchiny left on unemployment on pre-crisis level

the Unemployed on Brjanshchine became less. According to a regional placement service,   on the beginning of May   it is registered officially idle 9490 citizens (on 360 persons less, than in the beginning of year).

- Completely on pre-crisis level there were 13 areas of area.   Bryansk yet has not reached these indicators, but is close to them. The unemployed here too became less: on the beginning of year   them was 2630, and for May, 1st 2579, - the chief of department of statistics, a labour market and work from mass-media of Management of public service of employment of the population of the Bryansk region Natalia Marushchak speaks.

By the way, last year in area from the beginning of year on May, 10th have dismissed   3151 persons, and this year - 1594, practically twice it is less.

- Unemployment on Brjanshchine decreases also because seasonal earnings, civil work have now begun, - explain in a regional placement service. -   many leave to Moscow, in other cities.

In the beginning of year in a placement service there were 7095 free vacancies,   now – 9409, that is almost on 2300 it is more. 1,1 persons now apply For one vacancy, and in the beginning of year was 1, 5.

by the way, Brjanshchine on - former are necessary hands - 86,1 % from total of demands. The most demanded trades: the driver, the tractor operator, the turner, the mechanic, the engineer, the doctor, elektrogazosvarshchik, dojar, the seamstress, the seller, the nurse and others.


9549 – so much the unemployed are registered on Brjanshchine.

According to a regional placement service for May, 10th

As the number of the unemployed on Brjanshchine (the data on the beginning of month)

May, 2008 - 8387

May 2009 &ndash changed; 17681

May, 2010 – 15233

May, 2011 – 11953

May, 2012 - 9490

Quantity of the unemployed from the beginning of 2012

January – 9850

February – 9973

March - 10225

April - 10028

May - 9490


What areas of area left on pre-crisis level:

Brasovsky, Bryansk, Gordeevsky, Dubrovsky, Zhukovsky, Zhirjatinsky, Kletnjansky, Navlinsky, Rognedinsky, Pogarsky, Sevsky, Suzemsky, Surazhsky