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Learn truth together with heroes Mansions of Anubisa

That the horrible owner of an ancient estate hides? In what teachers are got mixed up? Eventually, who will make the best pair of a serial of heroes? Answers to these and other questions do not give rest to admirers « Mansions of Anubisa ». Various assumptions are put forward, improbable theories &hellip are under construction; At last we can learn, how all will be actually: in May on TV channel Nickelodeon starts the second season!

« the Mansion of Anubisa » is a shock cocktail from a drama, mysticism and a comedy, got mixed up on riddles, friendship, suspicions, dark secrets and, certainly, love. Also can not doubt, as in a new season of all of it will be enough!

Fascinating events of a serial are developed within the precincts of English boarding school. Already name of an estate in which it is located – « the Mansion of Anubisa » - Hints that these walls store set of ancient secrets, and most observant of pupils suspect that behind all event at school there is something bolshee, than is simple coincidence. And after one of schoolgirls vanishes, Dzhoj, business definitively gets a serious turn.

the Leading role in mystical events gets to the schoolgirl by name of Nina Martin. Nina – the American, in « the Mansion of Anubisa » it has got from - for difficult family circumstances as the grandmother nurturing it after death of parents, has been urged to move to other city. At will of destiny, in new school the girl has arrived to day of mysterious disappearance by Dzhoj and at once it has appeared is involved in investigation of secrets   ancient manor. Fortunately, it is not lonely – it is helped by new friends of Fabian and Ember. Together they create a secret society « Sibuna » which purpose – To reach true and to solve dark secrets « Mansions of Anubisa ».

Certainly, does not manage and without what purpose – to prevent investigation of pupils. First of all, it is group of teachers which is headed by very suspicious master of the house Victor.   who - who, and he precisely knows that occurs in « Mansions » and in every way protects this knowledge from excessive as it seems to it, curiosity of teenagers.

In the second season of members « Sibuny » wait not only new riddles and proofs, but also   occurrence of one more pupil. Eddi (namely so call the beginner) – a dark horse, that he prefers to behave as « is known only; the bad guy » and, just as Nina, comes from America. A leah it is possible for it to trust? After all nobody knows, on whose party there will be Eddi in opposition « Sibuny » and Victor.

Look a serial « the Mansion of Anubisa » on Nickelodeon since May, 14th: on weekdays at 19:10 and 22:05, on Saturdays at 21:40 and on Sundays at 14:55.