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In Bashkiria at women languages are longer

statistics Bodies continue to bring population census adjusted totals. So, it was found out, for example, that 53 thousand persons in republic do not know Russian (1,3 % of the population). For the sake of justice it is necessary to notice that « are counted » not only those who lives in Bashkiria constantly, but also all those who at the moment of census stayed in our republic.

Almost half of inhabitants of republic (47 %) speaks only on - russki. 40 % - except Russian, know one more language. 8,5 % of inhabitants of Bashkiria have specified that know three languages. In four languages tell hardly less than 1 % of the population, and on five – only 27 persons.

Most « numerous » English language &ndash became language, except Russian, Bashkir (it 935,8 thousand persons own) and Tatar (on it speaks over one million inhabitants of Bashkiria); it was mastered by 172 thousand persons (it hardly more than 4 % of the population). By the way, the women owning the main international language, in republic much more, than men: on the statistican, on ten « little girls » it is necessary only 7 English-speaking « children ».

On - nemetski in Bashkiria « shprehajut » hardly there are more than 45 thousand persons. And and here women have bypassed men – the women who are knowing German, almost twice more than men. « love language » that is on - French, talk almost 8 thousand inhabitants of republic: on each man it is necessary 4 women knowing by these language.

And here on Turkish in Bashkiria men is more often speak: on 1865 men it is necessary 1563 women.