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As it is uneasy « it is good to joke »


- We will be called as the PROGRAM STATUS WORD – that is the Strong Weaker sex , - Yana Krajnova has explained.

- And we will be - « the Love triangle »! - Suhankina has smiled.

competition « became the First test; Wheel ». By rules, the player fix on the huge wheel reminding a target, and start to twist every which way. A problem of the player – not only to remain in good health, but also to have time to explain words appearing on the screen to the colleagues. This test has ventured to pass Yana Krajnova.  

Legendary competition « Apozh » became also « aerated » - in the course of singing participants from balloons inhale or helium which does a voice animation, or geksaftorid brimstones which lowers a voice on 2 - 3 octaves. The first to inhale geksaftorida Tasha Strict has ventured. A sonorous bass of Tasha has executed a song of the princess from a cartoon film « the Bremen musicians ». To guess this rebus has dropped out to Margarita Suhankinoj.

  - Inhuman music! – Margarita when to her have scrolled record of Tashi, moreover and, by tradition « has sighed; Apozha » back to front.  

Tikhomirov which was engaged in dances since the childhood and in this sphere feels, like a duck to water. That it was more convenient, Ljuba has taken with itself … krossovki! « Smenka » has accurately settled down directly in studio, behind a sofa. Tasha has tried to pass krossovki Ljube, but Shats and Fur have assured the actress that this superfluous. Then Ljuba is simple - naprosto has dumped shoes on hairpins and has started to dance a cancan barefoot! And in the end of the feerichnogo performances took also villages on a twine!



Tasha Strict: « All has passed promptly enough. Competitions very unusual, almost everything, except « Apozha » have exchanged, therefore all was new to me. On the one hand, it is good, and with another – difficult enough ».

Tikhomirov`s Love: « I have taken great pleasure from process. There was a present struggle that is called, without a setup. I liked new competitions - both a microphone running, and dances. Strangely enough, even in competition with dances it was necessary to me hardly, but not from - for dances, that is why that words difficult. From a hopelessness I have sat down on a twine: not a head took, so an extension (laughs). On a broader scale today it was very live. It seems to me, transfer has gone right! »