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The chief of the Belgorod police has left from - for sins of employees?

we will remind, on March, 23rd this year chief UMVD on Yury Hludeeva`s city of Belgorod have discharged of a post for the numerous infringements admitted by employees of department.   one of the reasons of such personnel decision various sources named incident in police department « Southern ». Incident happens on March, 15th. In department   delivered two men podshofe. Not only that they were drunk, so also have celebrated need in not put place. Gallant guys asserted that in police department it nakostyljali two civil. Judging by insignificant traumas, arrested persons have got off light. A leah was actually fight and who participated in it, and a leah there was a guard who has got under suspicion at execution, it is necessary to find out to inspectors. Upon incident have filed criminal charges under article « Excess of powers of office ».   But any of official sources – neither inspectors, nor policemen – did not confirm that discharge of the main city policeman is connected with fight in department.

Meanwhile, results of check which was spent in the Belgorod police by complex commission UMVD of Russia one of these days became known. Auditors have found infringements in work basic point of police 1, call centre UMVD of Russia on the city of Belgorod. Lacks of work of a management of battalion PPS and of personnel work city UMVD were found out. One more of commission conclusions – « insufficient adherence to principles at carrying out of extraordinary certification of staff ». It is interesting that in report UMVD on the city of Belgorod which policemen have presented to city council of deputies it was said that during certification « all employees who have become by policemen, have passed strict selection, have passed examination on knowledge of the Federal law of the Russian Federation « About police ». Besides, the nominee of each employee has been in detail considered at sessions of specially created certifying commission which structure included also representatives of the public of our city ». But, probably, the onlooker sees most of the game …

In a press - to service UMVD of Russia across the Belgorod region have informed that following the results of check for various infringements   15 officials of various level are involved in responsibility – from chiefs of departments to actually main city policeman. After check Yury Hludeev has submitted   the official report about granting to it of the next holiday with the subsequent dismissal from law-enforcement bodies. Before purpose of the new chief of a duty of head city UMVD one of assistants to Hludeeva, the lieutenant colonel of police, the head of investigatory management Evgenie Ovsyannikov will execute. It became and. An island from the moment of time discharge of Hludeeva in March.

Some blogery in the Belgorod city community « LiveJournal » consider what to go on leave « at the expense of tax bearers » from party Hludeeva illegally. In a press - to service UMVD to us have explained that eks - the head of the police has on this just cause, according to the labour legislation.

Information on the one who will take a place of Hludeeva and a leah will be the new chief of police present and. An island   - Ovsyannikov – while is not present.  

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Yury Vladimirovich Hludeev   - the native of Ivnjansky area of the Belgorod region, has ended the Rostov higher school of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. In law-enforcement bodies has come in 1978 after service to armies. For 30 years of service in militia   from the ordinary militiaman has served to   the deputy chief of the Department of Internal Affairs on   to Belgorod.   twelve years worked as the chief of militia of public security.