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There is a hunting for men, there is a hunting...

it is improbable, but the fact: « the Wedding ring » zakonchivaetsja! 809 - I a series on air on Wednesday. On change to a melodrama other project will come. « the maiden hunting » have already shown with the big success in Ukraine. A leah will get accustomed history in Russia - will show time. Let`s get acquainted with new characters!

the Main heroine Tanja Masterkova learns that her father Michael Ivanovich was traumatised on manufacture. Someone in a management has decided what to pay treatment for the insurance it is too unprofitable, and in analyses alcohol is found out in the father. Though even the former son-in-law Ivanycha knows that it is impossible: « he as a dog in the manger - itself does not drink also to me does not give ».

Finding out, why to the father have refused payment, Tanja gets to a misfortune: she was raped by someone from a management   the insurance company « the Grandee - the Guarantor ». And the girl at all did not see the person of the tyrant. Having come to the senses, the girl decides to revenge. Having transfigured to unrecognizability, she gets a job in this firm.   it is helped by sister Tamara.   girls have accurately cast:   Tanja exhausts in a trap of the president of the company Gennady Molchanov, and the sister takes « a nutlet » more strong - general director George Volkova (that still a beast, completely justifying the surname!) .

From a grey mouse Tatyana (at the left) will turn in effective business - the lady. And all thanks to her sister Tamara who lives by a principle: « the World men correct, and men women operate! »
a photo: it is given by the First channel

In a serial as founders promise, there will be all: The confused relations, scandals, tears and romanticism. The main bosses « the Grandee - the Guarantor » popular actors Oleg Maslennikov - Vojtov and Maxim Schegolev play. For Tatyana`s role have confirmed Natalia Romanychevu, the actress of the Sevastopol theatre of a name of Lunacharsky. For it it is the first big role in the teleproject. And first the girl long refused to act in film.

- After all on half a year it was necessary to leave Sevastopol, to leave work at theatre. It was difficult to dare at this step...   - the actress tells.

In a trap to Tatyana the president of the insurance company « will please; the Grandee - the Guarantor » Gennady Molchanov. It is played by actor Oleg Maslennikov - Vojtov familiar to spectators on a serial « Margosha ».
the Photo: it is given by the First channel

As a result the girl its young man, too the actor has persuaded.   Ilya Spinov even has acted in film in a serial together with Natalia   - has played the employee of the insurance company Maxim Osipov. Working over the project, young men have found time and... Have celebrated a wedding!

For a dense forest of persuasiveness actors crammed terminology of insurance agents, slengovye words. Also joked: a pier, knowledge then will be useful in life.   but not here - that was! During shootings has occurred two states of emergency: One actor has broken a foot, and another has broken the car. Collecting inquiries for the real insurance companies, actors admitted: in life all is arranged much more difficult...

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