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Control purchase : How correctly to choose the glazed curd cakes

This time the project “ Control Purchase ” - www. zakupka. tv - will prompt how correctly to choose all the favourite cottage cheese glazed curd cakes.

External appearance and taste

meet the Cake cheese on odezhke, that is, on a candy wrapper. The paint from packing should not blot a hand and be erased. If packing is hurt even absolutely a little bit, we put such curd cake aside: any infringement of tightness can lead to that pathogenic bacteria will get to a curd cake, and it is fraught with a poisoning.

On such inscriptions as a premium or a suite, it is not necessary to pay attention – it is simply marketing course. The main thing that the curd cake would be called Cottage cheese glazed instead of simply glazed curd cake. Only it can be a guarantee of that before you a natural dairy product. If in the name there is no word « cottage cheese » and the product is called simply « the glazed curd cake » - means, instead of natural milk and butter the manufacturer used vegetative components. Taste of a similar product hardly will please you.

In the glazed curd cakes a wrapper far not the most important

Houses necessarily consider, how the curd cake " looks; without clothes . If you have opened a curd cake, and on its surface have seen moisture droplets it means that a product some times froze and defroze. Glaze should cover carefully all curd cake, cottage cheese should not look out anywhere. Taste of a qualitative curd cake should remind taste morozhennogo. If the curd cake does not melt in the mouth, means, the manufacturer used components from among that is cheaper (for example, butter has replaced maslozhirovoj with a mix).


Here all is simple – the less than eating additives, the better. On STATE THAT cake cheeses should not contain some vegetative fats. The structure can include only cottage cheese, butter and sugar. Pay attention - the curd cake weighs on the average 40 - 50 grammes, 10 from which it is necessary on glaze. As to glaze, the structure of the most tasty includes cocoa - butter and cocoa grated, that is, actually, the curd cake is filled in with chocolate. However many manufacturers use synthetic components. Therefore it is better to be convinced that by manufacture it was used present cocoa - a powder, instead of « a cocoa substitute ».

curd cakes without napolnitelej are considered as the Most natural. The matter is that curd cakes with jams or boiled condensed milk, as a rule, contain a considerable quantity of artificial additives. If a curd cake with napolnitelem, - it is good, when it is specified separately and its structure though under the law manufacturers it are not obliged to do.

Working life

Cake cheeses, as well as any dairy products, are rather whimsical. If not to observe their storage conditions, instead of advantage they can bring the big troubles, up to serious poisonings. Therefore buy curd cakes only in shops where they are stored on special refrigerating regiments at temperature not above +4. Also remember: if on packing of the glazed curd cake it is specified that term of its validity more than 10 days – in a product preservatives are added.

And now let`s try prepare together unexpected and very tasty dessert – a biscuit cake with use of the present cake cheese.

both many other advice and recipes you can always find This on an official site of the project “ Control Purchase ”. Successful to you of purchases and bon appetit!