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We run towards to the Olympic Games

Sports competitions, a family feast and the ecological action has united in myself « the Green marathon » - the unique project realised past Saturday at the initiative of the Savings Bank of Russia simultaneously on all country. This scale action devoted to XXII winter Olympic games in Sochi, has united all who loves sports and who is not indifferent to environmental problems of the Russian cities.

on May, 19th since early morning at sport centre « the Red star » athletes - fans and fans from all city began to gather. To participation in a marathon all interested persons were invited, it is no wonder, that on the mass character of competition looked very much impressively and this with the fact that the action passes for the first time. In total on start of symbolical marathon running there were nearby 1 000 persons. The statistics of competitions has established one more indicative fact: fans was slightly less, than participants of running: Really, what for to observe of a feast from outside if the distance allows to run most!

- the Savings Bank – the official partner of the Olympic Games in Sochi, values of the Savings Bank are conformable to the Olympic values. We love sports and we appreciate a healthy way of life. Not casually the Savings Bank has started to many sports events. « a green marathon » – one of them. This unique action passes today simultaneously in 42 cities of the country - from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij to Kaliningrad, from Murmansk to Sochi, - has noted, greeting participants « the Green marathon » Igor MERKULOV operating Omsk branch of the Savings Bank of Russia. – today thousand sportsmen – employees of bank - participate in conquest of a symbolical marathon distance. Planting of trees – it too our contribution to the Olympic movement. The Olympic Games symbolics has found in an ecological component of the project the reflexion: in 42 cities are landed on 42 trees.   Will pass years, and these trees become a green legacy of games in Sochi.

the Savings Bank Initiative has taken JUNEP - the organisation in the United Nations structure, taking up the problems of ecology. In 2007 JUNEP initiated the action   « Billion trees ». For 5 years in 17 countries of the world it is already planted more than 7,5 mlrd trees, and this figure stably grows. The contribution to its increase have brought and omichi.

- I have grown up two sons, have constructed the house, today here a tree have planted! - Svetlana Pachadzhi, the participant of running, the main inspector of department on work with problem debts of physical persons of Omsk branch of the Savings Bank of Russia laughs. – well and if it is serious, I consider that such feasts are simply necessary. For our collective participation in « the Green marathon » -   the additional factor to rallying and formation of corporate spirit. At the same time the today`s action will leave the trace in city life. The marathon will end, and trees which we have planted today, remain in memory of today for many long years. - we for a healthy way of life! And each time, leaving on start, we set an example to the children. Going in for sports together with us, they never will want to light or try drugs, - Elena Eskina, the participant of the running, the leading inspector of department on work with problem debts of physical persons of Omsk branch of the Savings Bank of Russia is convinced. – it is very important that the ecological component is included in a sports marathon. Our problem - to protect the nature and in process of forces to improve environment. Therefore such actions should pass as it is possible is more often.


- Thanks the Savings Bank for this action, - Leonid Kozlov, the winner « speaks; the Green marathon - 2012 ». – In spite of the fact that in Omsk pass many competitions during a season, each new start on advantage to all participants. Remarkably that today on a distance there were many children. For rising generation it is perfect stimulus to playing sports.

- For the sportsman each start is very important: the it is more than them - the better preparation, and as a whole more people join sports. And in this case sports competitions have successfully incorporated to the ecological action that is twice useful for omichej and our city. It is necessary to make it tradition, - the winner mini - marathon running, the master of sports of the international class supports Leonid Nina Podnebesnova. This day 4,2 - the kilometre distance has revealed also the fastest employee of the Savings Bank. The winner « corporate offset » there was Xenia Malakhov. Among journalists the representative of edition of a weekly journal « has shown the best result; Arguments and the facts » Olga Minajlo.

And if for professional sportsmen « the Green marathon » – the next stage in preparation for the main starts of a season, for fans – something bolshee, than sports feast because everyone became the winner of a marathon without dependence from result. After all thus it could join the Olympic idea, run with pride of a native city and leave about itself(himself) « a green trace » in the form of a small fur-tree which will grow now in a recreation park it. 30 - letija VLKSM.