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Imbirno - a cranberry drink

the Cranberry - the queen of all vitamins! And ginger - its correct knight.

This warm drink possesses unique exotic aroma which to it is given by fresh ginger and a lemon grass.

Love mulled wine? It is its simply remarkable alternative of those who at the wheel!


Nectar Karpalojnen (jaz an apple, grapes and a cranberry) Valio - 1 l

Grated fresh ginger - 1 ch. L.

the Lemon grass (lemongrass) 2 ch. L.

Sugar - 3 items of l.


This warm drink possesses unique exotic aroma

the Way of preparation:

Place the nectar, the grated ginger, the cut lemon grass and sugar in a steel bowl or a pan.

Cook on slow fire about 2 minutes under a cover. Remove a bowl from a plate and leave on half an hour to cool down.

Then filter and drink the warm.

the Preparation time: 10 minutes

Caloric content: 73 kcal on 100 g