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At the nights the Chelyabinsk hooligans break athletic fields

One court have set fire, from another have removed a grid - rabitsu. And it, according to the head of department of physical culture and Evgenie Ivanov`s sports, the vivid examples of vandalism.

— We try to create conditions for children, but there are those who all it pulls down, — the official speaks. — platforms became a favourite place for a night sit-round gathering of the noisy companies. They there precisely not are engaged in sports if leave after itself bottles from - under spirits and syringes. It is strange that tenants do not react to it, do not inform in police. Really do not see and do not hear?

the Destroyed platforms, of course, will repair, the budget will allocate money. But it is primary these means planned to spend for creation of four tens new courts!

Now in Chelyabinsk 64 equipped athletic fields. Here professional instructors of establishment « the Sports city » Conduct free lessons with children and teenagers.

— to Save municipal property it is possible only by common efforts, — Evgenie Ivans is assured. — the administration could establish videocameras, but, unfortunately, weak image quality hardly will help to establish persons bezobraznikov.

Therefore all hope of consciousness of inhabitants of the arranged well court yard. Combatants will be involved in patrol of sport constructions also.