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Veterans and wars

« Dear employees of administration of Omsk! In 2010 under the decision of regional Committee of veterans of war and military service the Walk of Fame in Victory parkway on which 56 photographs of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, operations, the military service, till now actively participating in veteran movement settled down has been created. In our opinion, the decision, when and as the exposition whom to affirm lists on replacement of photographs &ndash should change; business of the organisation which have created this avenue. However a city administration the decision on transfer of the Walk of Fame to Omsk city public organisation « was accepted; Council of veterans and pensioners ». In this connection Committee at OGOO « Council of veterans and pensioners » has decided to replace photographs, having left us, regional, only four places from 56 … All the others 52 will be given under photos of city veterans … »

So the post card, the vice-president of regional Committee of veterans of war and Leonid Alyoshin`s military service begins.

Has published its one of the local magazines, founded by the regional government. The editorial text in which in black and white krupnenkimi such bukovkami it is written precedes the letter: « Veterans are afflicted by the decision of a city administration of Omsk to clean from the Honour roll on the Walk of Fame photos of members of regional Committee of veterans of war and military service ».

in general, anything sacred is not present at the mayoralty! Here after all even on what have attempted, wicked creatures such! On veterans!

But it has in practice appeared that the mayoralty concerns replacement of portraits same, as I to the tsarina Savsky. That is any. But the mayoralty concerns the city organisation of veterans which from - for these a photo had a conflict to regional committee. And the conflict far not the first, but, I hope, last. Wherefore the history from a photo became an information war part between the regional and city authorities in which have appeared veterans are involved also. However, one after another.

Existed to itself of year edak to 2009 - go the one and only veteran committee - regional.

- And then we have decided to create the city organisation, - the vice-president of the city organisation of veterans Valery Titus speaks.

First both those and others existed peacefully. And Titov speaks, what exactly it has made all documents on the grant and using that is accepted in the mayoralty, has helped the regional organisation to receive money from the budget of Omsk. So there was an Avenue of veterans.

- We have from the very beginning agreed that there there will be portraits only those who works till now in the veteran organisations, - Titov speaks. - such Honour roll. You work - thy portrait hangs. Has ceased - remove. By the way, on those portraits which we wanted to remove, there were not that not working, and even died people. - also adds resolutely: is a city earth - it have passed us. Therefore to hang here portraits of those who consists in the city organisation should only. Regional let the grant take and on the regional earth the avenue do, if they so would like!

By the way, « regional » live not in areas, and too in a city. But when war between the regional and city authorities, a question on the one who in what organisation consists has begun, became essential. Also has rushed … On the eve of February, 23rd the regional public organisation of veterans expels from Valery Titov`s presidium and more three veterans, among which the former fighting pilot Vladimir Vostrejkin smashing fascists in the Great Patriotic War. Expels in absentia and without assigning any reasons. Though the reasons - that and to explain it is necessary to nobody. All objectionable are loyal to the mayoralty. Then, the truth, happened recognise as an error. But as an error recognise only on the eve of a Victory Day. Further - history from a photo. It is thought to me, the offence for an exception in it too the role has played. A reciprocal course do « regional ».

- Us flowers in Victory park at first have not let to assign, and then did not take in the bus which has carried regional veterans on Is old - Northern cemetery, - Valery Titus speaks.

what all could reach - One man`s guess is as good as another`s. Veterans - the people, despite age and health fighting. Only here   at those who has forced them to war among themselves, really anything inside has not trembled and has not moved?   after all has not put it to pit and push together foreheads of older persons, using that the veteran organisations depend on budgetary injections. But information war like would come to an end and it would be desirable to hope what to clash among themselves veterans any more will not be. Though osadochek - that at all of them equally remains …