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Who is afraid of terrible pictures?

so was called a press - the conference which has passed right after signings by the Minister of Health of the order « About the statement of admonitory inscriptions about harm of the smoking, accompanied by drawings ».

Since May, 2013 of reliquaries and an emphysema of lungs, an impotence, heart attacks, strokes, barreness, illnesses of vessels, parandantoz and loss of teeth - these and others « wonderful » smoking consequences in pictures will accompany each pack of cigarettes. Similar images already print on cigarette packings in many countries of the world, and they really operate! Smokers reflect on harm of tobacco is more often, and teenagers start to smoke less often.

Despite the proved efficiency of a similar measure - it has opponents: by means of attractive design of packs are created brendovye immidzhi, promising success, symmetry and beauty is an important tool of sales promotion. Gloomy reminders on a cancer, presenilation and gangrenes, to tobacco corporations on their glamour packings seem superfluous.

Trouble of representatives of the tobacco industry quite objasnimio. World experience shows that the picture on a pack of cigarettes is the best social advertising - the average smoker sees the admonitory image about 7000 times a year! And to many impressionable teenagers will be enough and to look at unattractive consequences of smoking already never to fall for the bait tobacco corporations few times.


As has shown the All-Russia poll of 2011 - 81 % of the population including the smoker, introduction of the new illustrated admonitory inscriptions on cigarette packs supports.