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Rates and life

Crediting has found again popularity at the population of our country. According to the experts growth of retail crediting in 2011 has made to 40 % in comparison with 10 - m. In 2012 predict market increase almost on 30 %. Demand continues to grow, despite expectations of the second wave of world crisis. In such situation very many depends on ability of banks competently to form and perfect the grocery policy, responding to the increased requirements of clients to availability, volume and quality of service.

About that,   as these problems dare in RosEvroBanke, the head of department of methodology of retail business Lyudmila Pestretsova tells.

Lyudmila how you estimate a present situation in the market of retail crediting, what to us to wait in 2012?

the Primary goal of banks for the nearest period – Search of ideas, decisions, internal reserves which will allow to save dynamics of growth, having supported and having expanded assortment of credit products with attractive rates and service conditions.

Our activity will be directed on creation of proactive services and introduction of technologies which will allow clients to participate in creation of bank products, forming, as in the designer, crediting parametres. As modern telecommunication technologies allow to receive bank services online and there, where it to conveniently client.

2012, in my opinion, will be marked by transition to qualitatively new level of client service in the Russian bank branch.

the Head of department of methodology of retail business RosEvroBanka Lyudmila Pestretsova.

RosEvroBank is included into number of leaders by some kinds of crediting, in particular on a mortgage. What decisions provide your advantages?

Our advantages - mobility and flexibility in reaction to a market situation. We are capable with bo ́ lshim attention to concern requirements of each concrete client, to offer unique products in a combination to quality service.

For example, in March of this year we have started the new mortgage program which allows clients   to pay   in the first year under the credit only 1 % of the annual. Thus, decreases   financial loading on the borrower during the period,   when it is urged to spend the savings for an initial payment, and thus continues to remove habitation, to pay the expenses connected with house warming (repair, purchase of furniture and etc.) . Possibility for this period to conduct   is given to clients; the habitual way of life, for example, not to refuse a trip to holiday and t the item

More recently, in the beginning of May we have once again lowered rates under the mortgage programs calculated on acquisition of habitation, both in the secondary market, and in new buildings.

Also at us operates more than 10 to - brendingovyh programs which we realise together with leaders to tour operators of Russia. All our partners have long-term experience in tourist sphere, possess faultless reputation and extensive client base.

Participants of programs – holders of maps of leading international payment systems VISA and MasterCard, paying off with maps for any products and services, have possibility to accumulate bonus points and to receive discounts for purchase of tours.

we give Special attention to borrowers with positive credit history and to employees of the companies working with us under salary projects for whom the lowered interest rates under credit programs are provided. I will notice also that we understand history as positive credit history in any Russian bank.

you have mentioned decrease in rates on a mortgage,   leah RosEvroBank plans to arrive as well with credits on maps?

Yes, one of these days we have started the new program in which frameworks clients can at a presentation of a credit card of other bank, receive a credit card of RosEvroBanka with the rate of only 15 % annual.

By estimations of our experts, for today the rate on credit cards of other banks makes, on the average 24 %, thus the credit overall cost can reach 40 - 70 % annual. Such high percent include risks of non-payments. In other words, clients who carry out of the obligations in due time, are urged to pay for those who supposes « delay » or does not pay at all.

Having received a credit card of RosEvroBanka, diligent borrowers can close available credit card and to become client RosEvroBanka on fair and mutually advantageous conditions. Thus, offering diligent borrowers our maps with the rate of 15 %, we remove from them burden of responsibility for defaulters.

It is necessary to notice that else before start of an advertising campaign we have already started to receive demands for the given product. That, certainly, confirms high interest of clients in the fair rate.

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