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Fashion designer Sasha Varlamov a year behind a lattice

Known designer Alexander Varlamov, the director and the art director of the Center of modern style and fashion UNIVERSUM MODELS, some days after scandalous end of festival « have detained one year ago, after all; a fashion Mill » on which Varlamov was converted to the president with the request not to close festival. It also have not closed. And Varlamov have accused of swindle in especially large size - for the sum more than 120 thousand euro and about 310 million rbl. - and have placed in a pre-trial detention centre.

this year « a fashion Mill » absolutely other people filled, and Varlamov have preferred not to remember. And now a consequence have prolonged for three months, till August, 20th.

- investigation Term is prolonged with a view of an establishment of all circumstances, has explained «» Egor Livaj, the official representative of department of the information and public relation of Investigatory committee. - The numerous examinations connected with financial activity are required. Besides, the circle of victims as among minors, and their parents is too great, it demands the big remedial actions.

- We know that at Varlamov of a problem with a back, on the eve of arrest to it a distance III group of physical inability …

- All medical aid to it appears. If necessary it is located in medical institution. Obstacles any are not present.

- And to change a preventive punishment to it it is impossible?

- Varlamov does not go on contact to a consequence. If in its actions there was a real repenting and it would contribute in a consequence, process, most likely, would be finished. All in his hands.

According to the investigation, Sasha Varlamov took money from parents of children who participated in foreign trips of festival « a fashion Mill ». Meanwhile these expenses were financed from the budget and means of Belgosuniversiteta. As victims and witnesses on the given criminal case passes from above 500 persons, including more than 20 minors. Accusations in fulfilment of the crimes provided by three articles UK are brought to Varlamov: ch. 4 items 209 (swindle in especially large size), ch. 3 items 210 (plunder by abusing office powers), ch. 3 items 426 (excess of the power or office powers).