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- Pskov represents the Great artist Vasily Polenov

Vasily POLENOV  

Was born (on May, 20th)   on June, 1st   1844 in Petersburg, in a family of noble family. Having ended training in the Petrozavodsk grammar school, became the pupil of Imperial Academy of Arts where P.P.Chistjakov was its teacher.  

In 1869 Polenov writes a picture « the Job and its friends » for which receives a small gold medal. And in 1871 for a picture « the Christ resurrects the daughter of the Jair » receives also the big gold medal.

In 1872 Polenov ends faculty of law and goes as the guest of Academy of Arts to Europe.

Long time he lives in Paris. In Paris Polenov writes a cloth « Arrest of the countess d ’ Etremon » For which in 1876 receives a rank of the academician.

In Russian - Turkish war it is the artist at a staff - apartment of the fellow-heir of a holy table of Alexander. After war goes to travel to Syria, Egypt, Constantinople and Palestin. Since 1879 is a part of Fellowship of ambulatory art exhibitions.  


With 1882 for 1895 teaches painting in school of painting, architecture and sculpturing in Moscow. In this school the number of its pupils includes such known artists as well as. I.Levitan,   K.A.Korovin, A.E.Arhipov and others. In 1910 - 1918 the artist participates in educational movement, he took part and in folk theatre formation.

Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov18   Has died of July; 1927 in village Borok which now carries his name – polenovo.  

the STORY About the ARTIST

Dream - to live in « the Moscow court yard »

Larissa the CAFTAN, spets. A correspondent «» tells about the favourite artist Vasily Polenov

- the First picture which I have seen in the life absolutely still a crumb, - « the Moscow court yard » Vasily Polenov. The reproduction hung over an ancient chest in a room of our neigbour in a communal flat, remarkable aunt Klavy, as a matter of fact and not neigbours, and a member of our family, at us even meal and money were the general. Getting on a chest of aunt Klavy, I considered cosy polenovsky a court yard. I even have given names to children in a picture. The loud kid is Sashka, the brother of my girl-friend Vicks. It as shouted, when we did not want to potter with it. And a couple of playing children on a grass are we with Vikoj in a sandbox. And in the foreground is already I one, missing in a court yard when parents do not start up to Vick on street, forcing to entertain the whimsical brother.

Larissa Kaftan

From the aunt - Klavinogo of a chest I looked out in a window, trying to find similarity of our court yard with « Moscow ». I would like to live in such court yard. But similarity came to an end small pjatachkom grasses in the middle of our court yard surrounded with asphalt. Well still our old garages hardly reminded polenovsky a shed.

I dreamt to go to Moscow to see this Moscow court yard. For me dodetsadovskoj Moscow meant that « the Moscow court yard ». And at all the Kremlin and not Red Square. And I would start howling, if to me have told that was not present in Moscow such « vsamdelishnego » a court yard, and on its place (in area Arbata as I have learnt much later) - huge rough houses...

But in life I was expected by one more shock from Polenov - its picture « the Christ and the sinner » seen by me already at an age of reason in Russian museum in Peter. I could not tear off a sight from Jesus Christ very long. It was revelation - it was always represented to me such, as at Polenov, courageous, human, quiet and very beautiful. The present! To which you trust, you calibrate, instead of simply you pray, as icon. Never earlier I saw such human God on icons!

And more I was shaken by the crowd wishing punishments over the girl, convicted of fornication. I to admit, I am afraid of crowd, stadnosti. People quite good separately, getting off in flight, often become malicious and bad. Such spiteful crowd, especially abomination against the scared sinner - the semichild, also Polenov has written.

the Christ yet has not said a great phrase in a picture « Who from you not without a sin, let will throw in it a stone » thereby rescuing the girl. It was tired and easy looks at crowd of hypocrites, hypocrites, cheap moralists, at which frequently at as we speak now, ryltse in a gun. Though centuries though millenaries, and such public is eternal. As, alas, all defects, all sins. « who not without a sin? » - Polenov the picture named. Censors have renamed it. And it is a pity. The author`s name was more correct.


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