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Vegetable shashlychki with jogurtovym sauce


For 1 portion:

Vegetable marrows tsukkini - 60 g

the Paprika colour - 60 g

the Potato young - 60 g

the Basil fresh - 10 g

Yoghurt Valio Turkish - 100 g

Salt - 1 g


Spring - time of shish kebabs

the Way of preparation:

Tsukkini to cut thin plates lengthways, a paprika - a large cube, a potato - segments (as cut usually a potato on - rural).

On a grill - a frying pan to fry a potato to readiness, and tsukkini - to softness.

to Collect on wooden shpazhku vegetables, alternating with each other, tsukkini thus develop an accordion and then are put on on shpazhku. SHpazhki to lay on a plate.

Turkish yoghurt to mix with the dug or cut basil and salt. To leave for 10 minutes that yoghurt has become impregnated with basil juice.

Vegetable shpazhki to water with the turned out sauce or to submit sauce to a table separately in a sauce-boat.

the Preparation time: 25 minutes

Caloric content: 125 kcal on 100 g