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Every third stavropolets suffers affliction an allergy

To Stavropol Territory every third person suffers affliction an allergy. In total such people in edge 73 739. From them 38 thousand — children. The basic problem which allergic persons face in the summer, is a flowering of plants. According to regional Ministry of Health, approximately 40 percent of patients complain on slezotechenie, an itch in eyes, night attacks of an asthma and vysypanija on a body. Now to Stavropol Territory the period of flowering of cereals. Their pollen is carried in radius 20 - 30 kilometres. Especially it is felt in Stavropol where constant winds help fast distribution of pollen. How to cope with an allergy, on air of radio «» Olga Uhanova has told the main allergist and the immunologist of Stavropol Territory.

- to itself the patient help, of course, can, - Olga Uhanova has noted. - to take daily a shower, washing off pollen from the person and bodies. To limit reception of products which contain cross allergens, such, as pollen of plants. To use a damp double gauze at windows. But in treatment the doctor should be engaged. Treatment can be spent both in calm, and during an illness aggravation. On the average to be treated at the allergist it is necessary from 3 till 5 years.

If an allergy not to treat, gradually it can be transformed to a bronchial asthma, krapivnitsu, a hypostasis of Kvinke (a hypostasis mucous, skin and hypodermic kletchatki) and other dangerous illnesses.

- the Asthma — this most awesome complication, chronic disease, - Uhanova has told. - It can be seasonal or all-the-year-round. Basically in our corner of the world the asthma is connected with flowering of plants, with an allergy to pollen, plesnevye mushrooms, wool of animals.   It is characterised by asthma attacks at night and dry cough.

Sick an allergy, as a rule, appoint antigistaminnye preparations. On farmrynke a large quantity of similar medicines. If to treat an allergy correctly, the effect is swept up already on the second - the third days.

- the Increase in number of allergic persons at Stavropol Territory is connected with features of our region,   - considers   Olga Uhanova. - But also - with   constant stress in which there live patients, not so eutrophy, use of means of household chemical goods and cosmetics.

the allergy to bees, wasps is very extended To Stavropol Territory and mosquitoes. In first half of summer of allergic persons « terrorise » bees. In August, September and October wasps for good reason undertake.

- during this period at us the greatest number of people with hypostases of Kvinke, - was ascertained by Olga Uhanova. - Probably, it is unique area in allergology which is insufficiently developed in our country. We do not have syringe - handles with adrenaline which the patient can use in a case anafilakticheskogo shock or a hypostasis. Abroad such patients have not only a syringe - handles, but also special badges and passports.


- fits of coughing and chihanija

- reddened, slezjashchiesja, itching eyes;

- an itch and skin reddening, vysypanija

- hypostases (lips, language, mucous membranes)