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Muscovites wanted to take a car on credit under counterfeit documents

the Credit for car purchase — more than six hundred thousand roubles, - have told details of this business in a press - service UMVD of Russia across Vladimir region. - at detention, understanding that was taken red-handed, the man did not begin to deny the obvious: to return money to bank it, by itself, did not gather.

That the passport of the borrower artificial, employees of a motor show have found out during standard check of documents at credit registration. As it is necessary, have informed in police. Further an opera and employees of Management of economic security and counteraction of corruption regional UMVD together with fighters SOBRa, as they say, already waited for the Muscovite. This very day have detained also him podelnika. Its role in the criminal scheme should consist in the decision of questions with law enforcement bodies, a pier - he « therefrom ». As it was found out, it is the truth, the second arrested person — the operating employee of military Office of Public Prosecutor.

criminal case as regards 3 articles 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation is brought (the swindle made in the large size), - have added in a press - service UMVD of Russia across Vladimir region. - article sanction provides the penalty to a half-million of roubles, or forced hard labour for the term up to five years and even imprisonment for the term up to six years.

By the way, in 33 region it is the case of swindle connected with autocrediting first for three year.